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Grey nomads characters of the road
Gordon and Robyn often stay in free camps

Queenslanders Gordon & Robyn A (58 & 52) are never in a hurry as they meander their way around the country.

What do you travel in?
A 2012 Volkswagen Touareg and 2012 21’6” New Age Jewel Caravan.

Where do you camp?
We either free camp or stay at a powered site in a caravan park. We can’t go into national parks this trip as we have our little dog with us.

Likes of the lifestyle?
The fact that we can stay on longer if we really enjoy a place. There is no timetable and we rarely travel for more than three hours in a day. We love experiencing our country first hand, and we love being together, meeting new people, and making new friends.

Any dislikes?
I enjoy doing my own repairs and maintenance and helping others out, so I wish I could carry my workshop with me.

Biggest scare?
I got really crook in Denham, WA, once and had to get the ambulance out. That was a real fright for us both. Having said that, our neighbouring caravanners were unbelievably supportive so it was a case of turning a stumbling block into a stepping stone.

Is health a worry?
I have a heart condition which I manage with medication so that is always in the back of our minds. We have found that WA above Perth has been the worst area as it is a long way between drinks and many of the towns have a nurse practitioner but no doctor. I carry a folder around with me of all my medical reports, lat­est ECG, medications etc.

Are you on a budget?
If we are spending too much on fuel then we park up a little longer, if van park fees are excessive then we free camp more. All our lives we have had to budget to raise a family, pay a mortgage, buy a car or furniture, and pay bills. Now, we are debt free, not a worry in the world really, so why burden ourselves with the same problems?

On the-road hobbies?
We both love to read, and we follow the trips of friends we have made and look for opportunities to cross paths again. My wife took up pho­tography on our last trip and has become quite the happy snapper now.

Favourite place to camp?
We loved Tumut as we are both keen fly fishermen. The van park backed on to the river. It was magical. We also enjoyed the Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas in South Australia.

Advice for other nomads?
We have seen so much damage to awnings in our travels so we always secure our awning at both ends with tie down ropes. Most times it is ‘overkill’ but if you get that odd gust then the damage is a real bummer.


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