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Grey nomad characters
Peter and Kathy spend a lot of time under the awning

Cairns residents Peter, 75, (going on 50) and Kathy, 57, travel as much as they can in their 13’ Jayco. They reckon they don’t need a bigger van as the sun is normally shining  … and they virtually live under their awning

What do you travel in?

A 2009 Pajero GLS towing a 13’ Jayco Starcraft Outback. Our Paj is both a comfort­able touring car and a serious workhorse for towing and exploring. We chose a Jayco for its ‘bang for buck’ and easy access to servicing. We kept it small for towing ease and fig­ured all we really needed was a comfortable bed, cooking facilities and storage, although we’re geared up for self-suffi­ciency with an external shower and Porta-Potti. We mostly live, cook and entertain under the awning or a shady tree, so we’re pretty well set.

How long do your trips last?

We’ve got commitments at home, so our trips range from a week to three months. We’d love to take off for a couple of years and do ‘the Big Lap’ and, in that case, would definitely upgrade to a bigger van.

Where do you like to camp?

We’ve not long upgraded from a camper-trailer to a van, so have not done a lot of free camping, as we were con­cerned with security under canvas. We hope to do more of this in the future. We prefer national parks, stations, road­houses and smaller van parks over the big concerns. They generally provide more than we need.

Likes and  dislikes?

We simply love being on the road, ‘boiling the billy’ for smoko, sitting back to watch the sunset with a hot cuppa or a glass of red and being awe­struck by this vast and diverse country. The people you meet are pretty awesome, too! Litter is the only thing disappoints us. It’s disrespectful.

On-the-road hobbies?

Although we take regular turns-about while driving, we’ve committed to keeping two pairs of eyes on the road at all times, so we keep our reading, art and craft for when we’re camped. We’re both keen on photogra­phy and bird watching.

Favourite place to camp so far?

We love Lake Tinaroo. Further afield, the Kimberley has stolen our hearts with its breathtak­ing scenery and colourful characters. We’re off to Broome again on our next adventure!

What wouldn’t you be without?

Flushable wipes. Seriously! They have a thousand and one uses besides the obvious.

Scariest nomad experience?

Unexpectedly meeting an on­coming wide load approaching a narrow bridge we had just started to cross. He popped up out of a dip and was taking no prisoners. We made it to the other side and over a rough shoulder in the nick of time.

Tips for other nomads?

Make lists, minimise. Pack carefully, minimise, and before you go, minimise.


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