Travelling with technology

Self-confessed gizmo geek, Phil C, and wife Pam (both 63) like to travel with technology … and they reckon it brings an extra dimension to their adventures.

What do you travel in?
2013 Jayco Starcraft 20 footer. It’s easy and safe to tow, very comfortable and affordable.

How long do you travel for?
Our trips generally last three to six months, depending on when we are asked to work and for how long the work lasts.

Where do you like to camp?
Free and bush camps get us close to nature and solitude, caravan parks are a good place to replen­ish, empty a few nasty things, and take a Phil appslong hot shower.

Does technology help trips?
A great deal. For safety, we have Al-Ko ESC and rear-view cam­eras. We have iPad and iPhones with apps covering everything from camping, GPS, and travel info to recipes and how to tie knots.

Favourite gadgets?
Satellite TV, laptop and iPad, sound system in Ute and cara­van, inverter and my very nice induction cooktop.

Is technology good for GNs?
Grey nomads need as much help in navigation as possible. Communication is easy with apps like skype for iPad/iP­hone. Anything that promotes safety and travel confidence should be welcomed.

Has your travel style changed?
Yes, we have emptied more and more junk each time we come back to Adelaide.

On the-road hobbies?
I write a daily diary in Micro­soft Word and save it to a very small USB stick. One day our grandchildren will enjoy our ravings. Cooking, photography and listening to good music.

Favourite place to camp?
Southwest WA … the Margaret River region, Albany, Esper­ance etc. Great climate, scenery to die for and friendly towns.

Favourite on-the-road meal?
A good barbecue is easy to set up and clean … and fun to cook. Or, if we are lazy, a good feed of fish and chips.


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