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Ron and Joyce have everything they need with them

Queenslanders Ron, 75, and Joyce, 70, have been on the road for nearly 12 years

What rig do you travel in?
80 Series LandCruiser with a 6.5-litre Chevy V8 turbo diesel engine and a 19ft Bushtracker. It’s perfect. We have everything we need, shower/ toilet/ diesel heater.

Did you plan to travel so long?
Yes, we intended to become Geriatric Gypsies for as long as possible. On December 8, we will have been on the road for 12 years. When we can’t do it any longer we will just pull up in some caravan park and wait for God. We don’t miss having a conventional ‘home’ to return to. We are from Thorneside, Queensland, originally but we are quite happy the way we are.

Likes of the lifestyle?
Being able to go where we please, when we please.

Dislikes of the lifestyle?
We think ‘itinerants’ such as us should be able to have a national registration plate.

What do you miss most?
I would love to have a nice soak in a skin-so-soft bath oil bath occasionally, just a bit of indulgence on my part. We miss family but we do keep in touch with them so it’s not too bad.

Where do you like to camp?
National parks, in the bush, caravan parks, free camps … wherever it suits us. Sometimes, we have stayed a year or so in a caravan park.

On the-road hobbies?
Fishing, photography, bush walking, sewing, keeping in touch with family via Facebook.

Scariest nomad experience?
None really. Touch wood!

Favourite place in Australia?
Many places are great. We loved Albany, Denham and Port Smith (great fishing there) in W.A. Bruny Island in Tassie. Tassie has lots of great spots, especially on the east coast. We spent five years in Tassie and still did not see it all. Coffin Bay in S.A. We are looking forward to seeing the southern NSW coast and Mallacoota in Victoria They are the only places we have not been.

Advice to wannabe nomads?
Just do it. Forget about your old life and embrace the new with gusto. It is all in your mind how you adapt to it. The camaraderie on the road is great. Take your time and enjoy. Don’t rush it or you will see nothing. We always stay at least one week in each place, unless we are heading somewhere in particular. Do it without a time limit. Make sure your vehicles are roadworthy and safe.


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