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Grey nomad characters of the road
Sandra and Kerry are keen to see the Outback

Sandra and Kerry B ( 69 & 63) may live in the bright lights of Brisbane but they’re much more at home inn the bush

What do you travel in?
Our 2013 Grand Cherokee Jeep tows a 20’ Bushtracker. We have an ensuite, washing machine, four solar panels, and five water tanks which en­ables us to stay in the Outback for weeks at a time. While we can, we want to see most of the Outback, which includes dirt roads. We figure we can leave the bitumen roads until we are a bit older.

How long are your trips?
The last trip from Brisbane to Western Australia took 5½ months, but generally we go on trips around three months long. The more time we spend on the road, the more we enjoy life and broaden our minds.

Where do you like to camp?
We mainly like to stay at free camps, national parks and bush camps that are near riv­ers or lakes. We enjoy fishing so anywhere where there is water is our preference for camping.

Likes and dislikes?
We love the freedom to choose where to stay and for how long, and meeting fellow campers and taking part in happy hour conversations. We don’t like to see campsites littered with rubbish, which happen sometimes even when there are rubbish bins pro­vided.

Favourite on-the-road meal?
Camp oven roasts.

Do you volunteer?
Yes, we have worked at cattle stations caretaking and feed­ing animals.

What wouldn’t you be without?
Generator and diesel heater in the van.

On the-road hobbies?
We love fishing, fossicking, bushwalking and the wife does craft work. We also write notes of our day, and then develop the notes into a story of our trip.

Favourite place to camp?
Home Valley Station on the Gibb River Road in WA.

Any scary experiences?
Our scariest experience was when we were the only campers at the Wuruma Dam campsite and a group of three drunk roo shooters decided to launch their boat next to our campsite. They were acting strangely and it was scary and uncomfortable as we were alone.

Advice for other nomads?
Just get out into the Outback, especially the desert areas and enjoy its beauty. Travel safely, drop your tyre pressure on dirt roads, slow down and take time to smell the roses. Especially respect other campers and their privacy if necessary.


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