Have you ever been intimidated by a campsite ‘situation’?

While many grey nomads have come across campsites where alcohol-fuelled parties have obviously been held, relatively few have ever felt ‘uncomfortable’ while camping.

Only 23% of respondents to our recent Grey Nomads poll on the issue said they had even been at a campsite where they felt genuinely ill at ease.

Mark D recalls one incident in northern WA when a swarm of mineworkers descended on a national park campsite at about 8pm.

“There must have been six or seven work utes that arrived like a tornado bringing large groups of loud men with eskies full of beer,” he said. “I thought ‘uh oh’ this is going to be a horror night but, just when I thought it was going to get out of control, they suddenly all jumped back in their vehicles and roared off … it was only 10pm!”

Margaret M had a less dramatic complaint.

“I only wished I hadn’t started talking to some campers with their weird ideas,” she said.

Kim R hasn’t had any issues yet, but she’s wary.

“So far, so good,” she said. “But we’re only just starting to travel more!”

  • Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable at a campsite by the behaviour of others?  Email us here to share your experiences.

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