Are you shocked by the amount of vandalism you see on your trips?

vandalism at campsites

Depressing as it is, the sad fact is that vandalism and graffiti is a major problem at some of our most beautiful and often most remote campsites.

In a recent Grey Nomads poll on this issue, an alarming 94% of respondents reported they had seen facilities or attractions either broken or defaced. Robyn R has seen majestic rocks, and rockwalls defaced by tagging … and she’s angry about it.

“This vandalism must be stopped and perpetrators jailed for several years, along with the idiots who litter and worse,” she said. “These perpetrators spoil areas, and in many cases, cause the closure of sites.”

Ralph S was equally shocked.

“On a recent trip to Western Australia, we were dismayed to see graffiti on the old telegraph station at Eucla,” he said.

Wayne D said just about every campsite in the country has been subjected to some sort of vandalism.

“This can be rubbish left there, trees cut down for firewood, posts pulled out of the ground and burnt, and tables and fittings damaged,” he sighed.

  • Are you shocked by the vandalism you see on your trips? What can be done to stop it? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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