Have you been hit by wild (really wild) weather on your travels?

Most of the time, the weather is pretty kind to grey nomads on the Big Lap … but when it’s cruel it can be very cruel.

In our recent Grey Nomads poll on the issue, some 90% of respondents said they had had their rig rocked by wild winds … and they found it a terrifying experience.

Kenneth C had stopped off in Dalby in Queensland when it started blowing a gale.

“We retracted the awning, lowered the poptop and hoped for the best,” he said. “There was nil damage to us but others were not so lucky … the van remained attached to the ’Cruiser so that helped with stability.”

Peter M had a similar experience while parked up in Sorell, Tasmania, except his rig didn’t escape unscathed.

storms at campsites

“We lost the hatch off the roof vent,” he sighed.

Norm B was actually on the road when the winds got up, but he didn’t stay there long.

“We pulled off the road to ‘ride it out’ for an hour,” he said. “It was much safer than to continue driving.”

Have you been hit by wild weather on your travels? Email us here to share your thoughts.


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