Given the diversity in colour, shape and song of Australian birdlife it comes as no surprise that many grey nomads either extend their birdwatching hobby or begin from scratch.  A trip around Australia is just the ticket for a pursuit such as this.

Birdwatching is a relatively cheap pastime that you can do anywhere.  It’s a means of meeting people and learning more about the natural environment.  The best way for a complete novice to start is to purchase a field guide of Australian birds, invest in a pair of binoculars, and contact birding clubs in the areas in which they’re travelling.  These clubs are dedicated to educating people about wild Australian birds and the environment in which they live.

When you go bush, here are some hints for better birdwatching:

  • Take your binoculars and a bird identification book or field guide.
  • Look for birds in the early morning and late afternoon, when they’re usually most active.
  • If you’re in a national park, ask the ranger about the best places for birdwatching.
  • Go birdwatching with an expert.
  • Be quiet and you’ll see more birds
  • Leave your pets behind and you’ll see more birds
  • Never feed any birds. Let them find their own food!

As you’re about to discover for yourself, the diversity and beauty of Australian birdlife is simply staggering.  The more you learn about birds, the more you’ll appreciate this hobby.  You can find out more about birdwatching and about the various clubs around the country by contacting the Bird Observers Club of Australia (



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