Dog grooming

Grey nomad hobbies, dog grooming

How long do travel for?
We are usually gone for between six and 10 weeks and usually head up to the centre of NSW or Queensland. How­ever, we are about to head off around Oz to see our beautiful country.

Where do you camp?
We camp at free camps, bush and caravan parks. We are responsible dog owners and would love to camp in national parks, but are not allowed.

Likes of the lifestyle?
No clocks! Doing what we want, when we want.

… any dislikes?
We don’t like it when we are segregated in a park because we have dogs. There are too many stipulations and rules when it comes to the dogs. We always – and I mean always – clean up after them and they are always on lead unless we can find a full-fenced area for them to stretch their legs.

On-the-road hobbies?
John likes to relax and read. I like to groom our dogs (I like them clean and tidy) and I also make slide show presentations of our travels, burn them to DVDs and send them home to the family. I also do slideshow presentations for other people for special birthdays and memorials for dogs that have passed to ‘Rainbow Bridge’.

Why dog grooming?
We purchased an English Springer Spaniel in 1982 and we had no one to help us groom her, so I went to grooming parlours and offered my help in return for their ex­pertise on grooming my dog.

Do you groom other dogs?
Yes, I do have signs on my car and when we stop for the night or for a few days, I put a sign on my caravan. If I can make a few dollars to help with our trip then that is a bo­nus. If I get no work, then that is okay, too. It is a strenuous job and takes a lot of patience and stamina. It definitely is not a job for the faint-hearted.

Do you need equipment?
Yes, my back seat holds all of my grooming equipment! My trusty clippers, grooming table, scissors, combs, brushes, nail clippers, even nice bows for the little dogs ears to make them look pretty!

Advice for wannabe nomads?
Go for it. There are highs and lows with everything in life, no matter what you choose to do! Be sure to have your car and van checked out thoroughly before heading off and don’t forget to make friends as you go along. Other travellers are full of good advice.


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