Making greeting cards

Greeting card making is a good hobby for grey nomadsC

Graeme S, 59, and wife Deborah, 55, say they have the perfect Big Lap hobby

Where do you camp?
We like to free camp as much as possible, often this in the bush and/or national park.Free camping helps us make the most of our money. We are on a very limited budget, so it is only when Graeme has full-time work that we can afford, or indeed need, to stay in a caravan park.

So, you work as you travel?
Yes, Graeme is a truck driver and machinery operator and can pick up work anywhere. I clean at caravan parks, and sell the cards I make.

Is it a profitable hobby?
Well, I was making so many cards that it was imperative that I did something with them. I have a sign up outside our caravan when we stay in caravan parks, and I have a stall at the local market wher­ever we are.

Is it a good nomad hobby?
Yes, as everyone needs cards for different occasions, even when they are travelling. It is something that is easy to pick up and then pack away as you need.

How did you get started?
I started out scrapbooking to keep the four generations of photos our family had stuck away in shoe boxes. I then progressed to albums for our family and when I finally caught up with those photos I had to find something else to do. Already having everything I needed, cards were a natural progression.

Do you need much equipment?
Not really. You can carry as much or as little equipment as your space allows. Basics are card stock/cards, scis­sors, paper, embellishments and double-sided tape. If you choose things that co-ordi­nate, then the stock you carry can cover every kind of card you will need.

Advice for new card makers?
It can be as easy or as involved as you like to make it. There are magazines with instruc­tions and there are online demonstrations, as well. Many towns have craft groups that will welcome you into their circle, and it’s a great way to make friends. It also saves you money, and friends and family love getting handmade cards. Make a set and put them in a lovely box and you have a practical present.

Any downsides?
It can become addictive!

Other on-road hobbies?
Graeme plays the guitar and loves talking to people, and I keep a scrapbook of our travels.


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