Grey nomads embrace photography as a hobby

Kathy and Frank, both 62 from Quirindi, NSW, see the big picture

What do you travel in?
We have a Traveller Bel-Air 22’ Caravan towed by a Nissan Navara ST-X V6Td … and we love them both.

How long do your trips last?
Since retiring, we head north to escape our winters for around three months but often also take ‘getaway’ trips for a week to a month. We usually bush camp (fee or free) with occasional stays in van parks. We like bush camps for the space, the quiet, the opportu­nity to cook over a campfire, and the camaraderie of like-minded RV’ers. We like the convenience and security of a van park when in a particular town for a while.

Why photography?
In the 1970s, when I up­dated from a box brownie to a 35mm SLR, I got talking to the local camera shop bloke. He piqued my interest through his professional work. It has blossomed from there.

What do you photograph?
People at work or enjoying themselves. I strive to capture the ‘essence’ of a person in a portrait. Our beautiful coun­try, the magnificent landscapes and seascapes, the wildlife.

What camera do you use?
I have a few. I recently swapped my 35mm film cam­eras for a Digital SLR (Pentax K-5). I still use my 6 x 7 cm medium format film camera for portraiture as there are few cameras that can match the quality of image this camera can produce.

Is it a good nomad hobby?
Yes. It provides a record of our trips, the people we meet, memorable sights we see, and it’s occasionally a challenge to capture a great shot of a fea­ture of where we are. Photos also help you remember some of the things you did or saw that you might otherwise for­get about and, of course, pho­tos of past trips can help with planning future trips. I often include many of our photos in a travel blog that the family can log in to and enjoy seeing what we see and reading the stories that go with them.

Advice for beginners?
Joining your local camera club is a great way to start. Many experienced members are more than happy to pass on their experience and you can gain much from that. Camera clubs may also have access to great deals on camera gear.

What wouldn’t you be without?
Our Baby Q always goes with us, as does the camp oven, and an ‘Atomic brand’ coffee ma­chine. My cameras, of course, and Kathy likes to watch her TV shows so the satellite gear just has to come, too.


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