Wine tasting

Many Australian wines are world-renowned

When travelling in the southern half of the country, many grey nomads take more than a passing interest in the great wine regions of Australia.  After years of quaffing liquid from bottles with labels reading ‘Hunter Valley’, now could well be the time to take your hobby to the next level and actually visit these places.

With nearly 100 different grape varieties, Australia’s wine industry has been establishing a formidable reputation in the field and its products are earning respect the world over.  For the wine-loving nomad eager to research this area further, a number of pleasant days, weeks or longer beckon.  There’s no better way to while away a summer’s day than by moving from winery to winery sampling the local tipple and discussing the merits of each label.

There are one or two wine-producing areas in southern Queensland and Tasmania, but most are found in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.  These also offer tours and explanations of how the wines are produced.

Even if you’re not crazy about wine, many of Australia’s wine-producing regions lie in beautiful countryside dotted with scenic small towns that are well developed for tourism and offer some great places to eat.

If you or your partner fancy a drink and therefore don’t fancy driving, check with local tourist information centres about bus tours.  Or make friends with that couple in the 22-foot Jayco on Site 16 and see if they may lie to check out the wineries with you – in their vehicle of course!




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