Expect the unexpected in encounters with evil-eyed emus

Evil eyes ... Emus can rule the road

Hallloooo Mailbagggerrrrrs! Welcome to another wackily wonderful walk on the grey nomad wild side. And, boy, are you wild this week!

Jon gets the ball rolling by taking aim at our feathered friends … or, more accurately, our feathered road hazards.

Our recent story about the surging numbers of motor insurance claims relating to collisions with wandering wildlife, such as camels and kangaroos, moved Jon to hit the keyboard.

“Emus are notorious, particularly when a group is split either side of a road,” he writes. “Drivers passing emus at 110kmh are asking for trouble … they will often make a dash in front of a vehicle at the moment it draws abreast of them with predictable results.”

And what results are they, Jon?

“They’re big birds,’ he says. “And you will come off second best.” Gotcha. Jon says he has difficulty comprehending the mindset of many caravan/motorhome drivers who, regardless of the signs warning of the presence of animals, continue on with their pedal to the metal.

“Of course, when an ‘offender’ does cross their path, they haven’t a snowball’s hope in hell of stopping or avoiding it,” he says. “My suggestion is ‘slow down’ …. fuel economy improves, you have a much better chance of avoiding animals, and of arriving at your destination intact.”

Wise words … and thanks for the heads-up about emus. I have always thought those creepy characters have got the meanest looking eyes.

Okay, okay, last week’s Mailbag letter about the craziness of having till receipts that fade so quickly and so dramatically that they become illegible and therefore useless as a proof of purchase or as a way of claiming a guarantee got Gregg going.

“I know you shouldn’t have to … but we bought one of those Digiframe Ezy Scanners you see advertised on TV and … problem solved,” he said. “So simple to use. Copy ‘anything’ onto a thumb drive, then downloaded onto the laptop or portable hard drive and you always have your proof of purchase if ever needed.”

Hooray! But jeez, you’re right Gregg. You really shouldn’t have to, should you?

Now then, after all the excitement of manic emus and rip-off receipts, it’s time perhaps for us all to take a chill pill. Wendy loved our website story about ‘relaxation’ and reckons that what goes around comes around. After always teaching their kids to have the strength and courage to be true to themselves and to try new things, Wendy and hubby decided it was their turn.

Grey Nomads Mailbag

Wendy and hubby love the open road

“We saw just how much stronger and happy they were in themselves, so we thought it was about time we practised what we preached to our kids all those years,” Wendy says. “Everything we own now, we take with us in our own motorhome and 4WD.”“

She says her kids are proud and encouraging of their Ma and Pa.

“We worked hard all our lives, never living high, rarely eating out, not even at Maccas, no complaints though … loved, still love and always will love my life,” she writes. “So whatever the future holds, we know we will enjoy it while we can, doing what we want to do, even if we need to work while we do it, it is better doing it while travelling.”

Bloody fantastic, Wendy. You go, girl!

Now, Lesley might inadvertently kick off a bit of a discussion/debate/fight/war here.

“As I am about to be a grey nomad, I have been studying the market place for over 12 months, and have found the 5th wheeler to be the best value for money,” Lesley opines.

What! Cough! Splutter! You can’t just go around claiming your rig is better than a campervan, a motorhome, or a caravan, can you? Well, I guess you can. I mean you have. Yikes!

Sshhhh, Lesley maybe all those rabid motorhome enthusiasts or those caravan-crazy fanatics won’t have noticed. You might get away with it.

“You can buy an Australian made for around $70,000 and a tow vehicle Nissan Navara dual cab 4 cyclinder.”

Lesley, I mean it now. Put a sock in it for Goodness sake! We’ll be inundated with emails.

“There is large selection of good used vehicles … you could get a complete rig for less than $100,000.”

Lesley, Lesley, Lesley! What have you done?

"I'm king of the road. Caravans and motorhomes are for losers!"

“I’m king of the road. Caravans and motorhomes are for losers!”

Righty-ho then. In the last Mailbag, we talked about the caravanner who got his beloved rig returned to him a full year after it had been stolen. What, we asked, have you had stolen and then had returned to you?

“Back in the early ’70s my first wife left me for a mate and came back one year later,” writes Jimbo. “Does that qualify as a stolen and found?”

Hmmm! I really don’t know what to say, Jimbo.

“PS,” he writes. “I gave her the boot.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is probably as good a place as any to close the curtains, turn out the lights and draw to an end another magnificent Weekly Mailbag. See you all next week …. when we will have a brand new colourful website.

Farewell. Adios. Adieu. Until we meet again. And keep those emails coming.




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