Housesitting and farmsitting

Housesitting and caretaking jobs for Australian grey nomads.

Just as many grey nomads leave their home in the care of housesitters while they are away, other grey nomads seek to do a little housesitting as they travel.

While this is not generally a paid position, it does offer rent-free accommodation and a few of the often-missed comforts of home. For many long-term travellers it provides the perfect opportunity to catch their breath, take a break from the rigours of the road, and to maybe plan the next stage of the adventure.

Housesitting opportunities range in length from a few weeks to many months. There are a number of established agencies that help you to find a vacancy. Some of these charge a listing fee, carry out character checks and may require references. You will be going into somebody else’s home, normally with all of their furniture and personal belongings still there, so they will want to be very comfortable with who you are.

Housesitters’ duties normally include keeping the house and gardens neat and tidy, forwarding mail or phone messages, caring for any pets and generally being a presence around the house to deter burglars.

Many wonderful friendships have been established this way and it is always interesting to get an insight into how people in a different part of the country live.

People with small farms commonly seek reliable people to care for their property while they are away. These positions often include heavier duties, such as general maintenance and animal feeding, and for this reason may command a small wage.


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