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Jobs for grey nomads

Driving around some of the bigger caravan parks you might easily come across two or three ‘hairdressing here’ signs with a big arrow pointing to site 26 or site 51.

Then there are the masseurs, the mobile welders and the mechanics, while professional gem cutters are normally there in force on the fossicking fields. The grey nomads sometimes seem like a huge travelling army that, to a large extent, brings with it the skills and knowledge to keep itself on the move and to look after its ‘soldiers’.

For those with these skills this is also a great chance to make some pocket money. There are few, if any, overheads in caravan park-based businesses so prices can be kept low and the customers are particularly happy because they don’t have to leave the park to get what they want.

However, unless you are at a camping area somewhere out in the bush, always check the caravan park is happy for you to put out your ‘hairdressing here’ sign. Some aren’t keen while others are prepared to turn a blind eye as long as it doesn’t become a serious, full-time business.

Bear in mind that you will have to bring along with you the tools of the trade and, depending on your business, that may or may not be a bulky load to lug around. Think carefully before you set off about how much you are hoping to work and whether it is worth the effort and space.

Besides the extra pocket money it brings in, the other great thing about selling your service is that you get to know an awful lot of people. The friendly mobile hair snipper is normally about the most popular person in the park – as long as nobody loses an ear!


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