Will grey nomads really stay north for the Wet?

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NT border opened to grey nomads
Too hot to handle? Are grey nomads staying longer in the NT this year? PIC: Katherine Times

When the Northern Territory finally opened up to grey nomads from most states, there was plenty of speculation that travellers would make up for their Covid-delayed northern odysseys by lingering longer in the Top End.

While there is no doubt that there were plenty of caravanners and motorhomers eager to enjoy the dry season sunshine, it remains to see how quickly their numbers drop as the wet season approaches.

The Katherine Times reports that the predicted late tourism boom hasn’t really materialised … at least in in Katherine.

Riverview Tourist Village manager Dee Miller told the newspaper that only a trickle of visitors had come to Katherine recently.

“Most of them are from South Australia and Queensland,” she said. “We’ve even had a few grey nomads from Victora that haven’t gone home.”

Ms Miller said it had been a relief to get a small amount of business.

“Once the borders opened, they decided they’d travel,” she said.

However, Top End Tourism general manager, Glen Hingley, said caravanners were staying in the NT for much longer periods of time than they would during a normal year.

“I’m confident that we’ll see some visitors coming through this Christmas because there’s still a lot to do here in the NT even during the Wet,” he told the NT News. “There’s a pent-up demand of people to get out of the city and out into the open spaces.”

Caravan Industry Association of Australia chief executive Stuart Lamont said caravanning and camping was set to boom … and the Territory would benefit.

“Now that international trips and cruises are off the radar, the great old-fashioned Australian road trip is back in vogue,” he said. “Last year, 6½ million Aussies travelled outbound — the NT just needs 10% of that to fill the gap in our international arrivals.”

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  1. Maybe they should have opened up earlier then what they did, but no they wanted to keep control of there own little kingdoms & just not NT all states are

  2. I will deal with it iam one the kind its my country north equator snap got it

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