Litchfield will soon have three new campgrounds

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Litchfield National Park for campers
More areas of Litchfield National Park will be opened up to campers. PIC: Wikimedia

Three new campsites are to be built in the Northern Territory’s hugely popular Litchfield National Park, with the first due to open before the end of the dry season.

It is hoped the new campgrounds in Litchfield’s Central Valley will attract an extra 30,000 people through the park each year, on top of the 330,000 who visit the national park annually. The area has never before been open to the public.

Parks and Wildlife NT Northern Australian Parks director Lincoln Wilson told the NT News that the camping spots would suit smaller groups looking to immerse themselves in the wilderness.

“It’s about having space, being right on the water’s edge, everyone having their own access to water,” he said. “It’s about being able to appreciate the nature to yourself, not having camp sites too close to each other.”

The NT News reports that there will be 10 sites at each of the three campgrounds. Each site will be about 10 square metres each, will fit about four people to a site.

“We’ve done this layout to make sure you can back your 4WD in, back your camper trailer in,” Mr Wilson said. “We want people to park in there and be able to drive off so it’s about space.”

He said the idea was that instead of people being on top of each other, they could relax, stay a few nights, and explore the area.

While the first campground is complete, access is expected to be finished and booking systems open before the end of the dry season.

The work is being carried out as part of the $17.5 million Turbo Charging Tourism project. It will eventually include a 4WD access track, a loop road, a lookout, and bike and walking tracks connecting the Lost City, Central Valley and Litchfield Park Road areas.

Parks and Ranges Minister Selena Uibo told the NT News it was crucial to invest in the Top End’s natural treasures.

“Creating new areas to explore is exciting for visitors – but it’s also exciting for the local economy because of the positive flow-on benefits it has,” she said. “This government is committed to protecting and conserving our parks, and these upgrades will ease overcrowding with new camping, swimming and walking spots to please visitors of all ages.”

 The NT government expects to introduce an online booking system for campsites and increased park fees in July.

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9 Responses to Litchfield will soon have three new campgrounds

  1. When did they introduce Park fees?? Didn’t think they had any, let alone increasing them!!!

  2. At 10 square meters a site you would be lucky to a 4 man tent on it let alone any thing else.

  3. Do you need a pass to get into the park?

  4. 3 extra camp grounds, 10 sites in each with max 4 people per site equals max.120 people per night. The campgrounds are expected to attract 30,000 extra visitors because, I assume, they intend to camp there. That would require the camp grounds to be fully booked for 250 nights of the year and each visitor stay just the one night. Not sure that target is realistic.

  5. Honestly, 10 sqm site doesn’t even allow a decent size tent. Is this planned by someone in an office at Darwin who have never camped. We will give it a big miss. Thank you

  6. If each site is 10 square metres, you would be lucky to fit a vehicle! my 4WD is 5 metres long and nearly 2 metres wide. My modest 4WD and off-road van are a combined 13 metres long and need at least 3 metres wide to park = about 40 square metres with no room for awning. 10 square metres is enough for a swag or two and nothing else. 100 square metres would be more realistic.

  7. Well I guess we won’t be going there is sites are only 10sq met. We have a 4wD and 24’6″ van. At least we don’t have to drive in and find out we can’t fit. Such a shame.

  8. Are they thinking of making theses 4wd / tent sites only and freeing up other sites for vans? The new sites sound idyllic but maybe this is the only option . I will go with my van regardless as this is on my bucket list.

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