What will living with Covid look like for grey nomads?

Published: October 22, 2021

While no one would be silly enough to say it’s anywhere near over yet, there are clear signs that Australia’s ongoing battle with the Covid virus is moving to a new phase.

With rising vaccination rates, even states that have largely avoided serious outbreaks are contemplating opening up borders and ‘living with Covid’.

Queensland, for example, has said that it will allow vaccinated interstate visitors without a quarantine requirement from December 17. That is the date when the Sunshine State expects to have vaccinated 80% of its over-16 population.


Similarly, Tasmania has just announced it will allow vaccinated interstate and international arrivals without a need for quarantine from December 15, as long as they have returned a negative Covid-19 test.

While the likes of Western Australia have yet to announce their own roadmap to Covid-normality yet and have indicated that vaccination is likely to be a requirement for interstate visitors, it is clear that Australia is at a turning point,

For most grey nomads, many of whom have had a torrid time over the past couple of years – particularly in the very early days of the pandemic – this change in approach will come as something of a relief, and will at least provide a degree of certainty.

One of the biggest fears of travellers in the past year or so has been suddenly finding themselves trapped in a lockdown or a suddenly closed border.

However, the new reality will mean things are different. The knowledge that the virus is definitely circulating in the places that travellers will visit means things will not be quite the same.

The rules around mask wearing, shared facilities, and vaccination requirements are yet to be fully set out … and are liable to change frequently.

Already some caravan parks have announced that they will not be opening their doors to unvaccinated travellers.

* Do you think the grey nomad lifestyle will be completely different once all borders are open and the virus is circulating everywhere? Will you, for example, be more wary about meeting new people and sharing a Happy Hour drink? Comment below.


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2 months ago

Vaccinated or not, you can still get the virus and spread it amongst contacts. The only thing changed possibly is the severity – but that is even coming into question as time goes on. Thanks China.

2 months ago
Reply to  Brodie

While this might be true, your chances of getting it in the first place are 8 times less and you have 8 time less chance of giving it to others.

Also if your vaccinated there is a good chance you might not die..

Yes thanks to our good mates in China!

2 months ago
Reply to  mixo

All praise to the parks that require vaxxed campers. If you are not vaxxed please stay home.

2 months ago
Reply to  Brodie

Brodie.- The most sensible comment to date. I am curious as to why Government is so resistant/hesitant to Novavax. Suspect the big four has something to do with it.

2 months ago

I hope the unvaxxed are the dog owners-and therefore can’t used caravan parks! YEAHHH

2 months ago
Reply to  Noname

Don’t get excited yet
This virus is just the beginning. This is one of many to come
There were more billionaires made during the last 18months than there ever before. The next virus is cooking up somewhere to be released by some whacko who wants to cripple the world. Imagine how bad things will get with a virus with a 100% kill rate

2 months ago
Reply to  Andy

In my experience – Dog owners are responsible, they regularly vax their pets, so would be inclined to accept personal vax.

2 months ago
Reply to  Possum

They just don’t clean up after them.I know YOU do as does every dog owner you speak to

Heather wells-Jones
2 months ago
Reply to  John

They also keep theid dog on a leash at all times. RIGHT! Like hell they do. Most I agree do, but their are also a few rogues out there that don’t. As a cat owner who travels with our Ragdoll cat in the van I always seem to have to ask these rogues to leash their dogs. It is amazing how many dog owners claim their dog wouldn’t hurt a cat. How do they know ? Did Fido actually tell them? Keep your dog on a leash and pick up its sh.t and we all will get on a lot better

David Johnston
2 months ago
Reply to  Noname

So next time you the pleasure of meeting ( NO NAME ) who is so anti dog that hasn’t got the courage of leaving their name is so anti social that doesn’t deserve the right to be in the presence of normal travellers, they should go back to there nursing home where they belong

2 months ago

So now it’s knock dog owners, always knew I was treated like a leper because I travel with a dog. In future I will make a point of only helping dog owners in trouble as non-dog owners don’t get bogged, have flat batteries or run out of fuel.

Martin Hall
2 months ago

Shame, shame shame. Just shows, an interesting topic is reduced to bitching about dog owners. Thankyou to the troll that threw a bone into the conversation and changed a good topic into a dog’s breakfast. Canine I say, if you don’t have any on topic comments, bury them.

Kathy Mulquiney
2 months ago
Reply to  Martin Hall

My sentiments exactly. I’ve seen some other previous topic conversations get hijacked by some unhappy people here. Be kind.

John Lewis
2 months ago
Reply to  Martin Hall

Yep, spot on, you know what they say Martin ‘never argue with an idiot……’

2 months ago

I would’ve thought to post on this site you’d have to supply a name. Back on topic, once all borders are open etc I’m not sure what my travel plans will be. I feel like we’re between a rock & a hard place – stay home in a relatively safe little bubble or risk catching it by continuing to travel. Although I’m fully vaccinated, I’m almost 70 with some respiratory issues so if I were to catch it I’d probably be history. Then again I can’t imagine not going anywhere at all for a couple of years. That’d be a lot of wasted time. Have to wait & see how it goes.


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