Grey nomads grounded as SA announces lockdown

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SA premier steven marshall
South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has announced a 'circuit breaker'.

Grey nomads in South Australia are facing a six-day lockdown as the state battles to get on top of a Covid-19 outbreak.

The ‘circuit breaker’ will see regional travel banned, as well as a host of other restrictions that will leave all schools, takeaway food, and the construction industry closed, with exercise banned outside the house. Only one person per household will be able to leave the home each day, but only for specific purposes such as grocery shopping.

Face masks are required when outside the home, although it’s just encouraged, not mandatory, as many in South Australia do not yet have masks.

For grey nomads currently in the state, it is a real shock to the system and a brutal reminder of how quickly travelling conditions can change in the middle of a global pandemic. For many, it will bring back unfortunate memories of the sudden restrictions imposed back in March.

The Grey Nomads has spoken to a number of South Australian caravan parks, many of which are still reeling from the speed with which the situation has escalated.

Most are requesting that all guests who are able to ‘leave to get home’ before the regional travel ban comes in at midnight do so.

As was the case earlier in the year there is an understanding that not all travellers – particularly interstate grey nomads – will have an alternative place they can go to. It appears that most van parks are prepared to allow ‘nowhere-else-to-go’ nomads stay for the period of the lockdown, although there may well be other requirements such as mask wearing out when out of the caravan.

South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer Professor, Nicola Spurrier, said the particular strain of the virus being found in Adelaide is breeding ‘very, very rapidly’ with a short incubation period of about 24 hours, and with infected people showing only minimal symptoms.

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4 Responses to Grey nomads grounded as SA announces lockdown

  1. I’m a S.A. resident and I have 2 things to say about the lockdown.
    1. Rats I won’t be getting my elective surgery on Monday and I’ve been waiting years.
    2. I’m glad I ‘seized the day’ and went on my 1st solo outback road trip to the N.T. in Sept.

  2. As a victorian, my heart goes out to our SA neighbors. Hang tough and take care of each other.

  3. As a Tasmanian stuck in south Australia and waiting to get out I would like to know why the whole of south Australia is locked down as the out break is contained to Adelaide. I agree what they are doing to control the out break but why not shut down Adelaide as Vic did to Melbourne as there have been no recorded case outside Adelaide.

  4. Hi. I’m looking forward to being a full time nomad but have taken some long service leave to travel Oct – Dec, largely in SA. We were staying in Adelaide well away from any of the listed hotspots put out by SA Health prior to the 6 day lockdown announcement and decided to head back to NSW , we made it back in time. I’m currently in a small town on the border, not too far from Mildura. I initially booked a van site en route at Coomealla Resort, the woman on on reception ( grand inquisitor ) grilled me as to whether I was travelling from a hotspot – I wasn’t – as her boss wasn’t there to okay the booking. She ended up booking me in, albeit reluctantly. Subsequently she called to inform me the booking was cancelled as they policy was that I had to be in NSW for seven days to secure a site’. Has anyone else struck this?? And is this legal?? Frankly I’m appalled and am keen to follow up on it. I have a suspicion I have been refused service in a nail bar in Wentworth as the woman asked me where I was from – how is this relevant? Any comments would be welcomed

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