Grey nomad ‘toilet tourists’ given a new star attraction

Published: May 7, 2021
Toilet tourism for grey nomads

While toilet tourism may not be a big thing just yet, it’s fair to say that many grey nomads do keep a close eye on the facilities on offer on the Big Lap.

There are a number of competing ‘loos with views’, and a huge collection of amenities boasting eye-catching signage.

The latest location seeking to tap into the ‘dunny experience’ market is the Fraser Coast RV Park at River Heads in Queensland.

The amenities block sits underneath a large water tank, the same type that would been seen on a rural property of yesteryear and features a clear, see-through roof for park guests to gaze up at the stars while showering.

Manager of the RV park Suzanne Taylor told the Courier-Mail that the inspiration for the block came from a drive to north Queensland when she and her husband saw a water tank on a stand.

“It’s an Australian, authentic icon, I said let’s go and build an Australian shower block but it’s underneath a tank stand,” she said. “The tank itself came from the original Tandora homestead … it’s all original and you can see where the tank has been dented when it fell off its original mount in 1956.”

Mrs Taylor told the Courier-Mail that the block took roughly six weeks to construct.

“The shower heads have all been handmade, it’s all external plumbing brass pipes … really excellent water pressure and all the water is recycled,” she said. “Guests love it, it’s been really well received, there’s plenty of hot water to go around … you won’t find another one like it in the world.”

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Barry Johnston
8 months ago

Bullard Station near Coral Bay In WA has these showers at their camp ground. Have been there for years.

8 months ago
Reply to  Barry Johnston

The Lava trees.

Ric Moffet
8 months ago

The showers up at Bunya Mountains, and in one of the camps areas, are heated by a wood fired choofer. You can set the temp yourself, so really no different then a normal shower. The thing being, the showers are airy, and having one in winter, is a lot harder to do. The last shower, I had there, it was minus 5 in the stalls..

8 months ago

My wife and I do mid week trips some times three night stays in our caravan never on weekends or school holidays, Recently we visited the Grampians, Mc Kensie Falls, after some heavy rain and blustery winds the day before we arrived, From the top of the falls to the bottom pool a very well maintained track with hand rails on the stairs and along the steep bits with spectacular views except for the garbage, plastic drink bottles every where and worst of all were the amount of those disposable nappies caught on rocks branches and snags in the main water stream and log jams of all types of garbage in little feeder streams that were dry unless it was raining, I also saw a young woman with one of those baby back packs about to launch one of those nappies over the rail until she saw us looking back down , we were on our way back up
She passed us rather quickly, i noticed no nappies in hir hand there was not enough time to have stowed it in the back pack so I guess it got launched amongst the bushes, At the top car park I noticed not a single garbage bin any where, surely the park management would know most people carry drinks on bush tracks, There are grubs every where even if bins are in easy reach, The only way to catch these Grubs is with cameras and seriously heavy penalties $5000 minimum fine, given the amount of garbage, these cameras would earn and profit to further finance maintenance and improvements to park facilities in a very short time.
That’s my Winge.


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