Camper, 79, rescued after getting lost on NT walk

Published: September 15, 2021

The potential dangers of bushwalking in remote country have again been highlighted by the dramatic rescue of a 79-year-old man in the Northern Territory.

The man had been camping at Robin Falls near the township of Adelaide River when he became disoriented on a walk.

The NT News reports that he was unable to return to his campsite but found higher ground for the night and contacted police. The man provided detailed co-ordinates that placed him 2.2 kilometres from Robin Falls.

Rescue helicopter helps lost bushwalker

The man was eventually rescued by helicopter and taken to Royal Darwin Hospital for observation.

Acting Senior Sergeant Neil Mellon told the NT news that the rescue showed the importance of basic survival skills.

“This was a fantastic result that highlights the effectiveness of interagency collaboration and basic survival skills,” he said. “The victim has made the smart decision to seek high ground for phone reception, let police know his location, and to stay put until help could arrive.”

And Senior Sergeant Mellon had a word of warning for all bushwalkers.

“Circumstances can change quickly when hiking in the Territory,” he said. “It is vital that you plan ahead, take adequate food and water and always carry a fully charged phone.”

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Marj Davis
8 months ago

Great result with excellent thinking.

8 months ago

Yes, great result but, You cannot always manage to get to “higher”ground. No excuse ever not to carry a PLB when in remote or distant places. Some never learn. Sensible folks know that their life is worth more than the $300 odd to invest in one. Let alone the cost of those involved in searching. The mind boggles !

Mark Grahame
7 months ago
Reply to  Ray

Totally agree. We carry a Garmin Outreach which links with our mobile phone. Provides route planning with live updates AND unlimited satellite text messaging AND a HELP button.

7 months ago
Reply to  Ray

Also totally agree.PLB’s should be mandatory for anyone travelling in remote areas. We’ve carried one for six years, fortunately never had to use it. Cheapest insurance that could save your life ever.

7 months ago
Reply to  Les

well said Les.
Never travel without one + GOOD hand held uhf

7 months ago

I carry a Garmin and a PLB and swap them between whatever vehicle i am using particularly the quad. Its worth showing everyone in your group where the items are kept in your vehicle and how to operate the PLB at least

Douglas Longbottom
7 months ago

My MRS and I have travelled Australia far and wide. My wife’s intuition always gets us to where we want to go. The only place we have not been to is Cape York. I also wrote a few articles about our travels for a caravan magazine. I always keep a journal about our journeys.


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