Eek! Red-faced caravanner gets his angles all wrong!

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Caravan gets stuck on Macksville Bridge
Okay, so this didn't work out too well! PIC: Contributed / Nambucca Guardian

It’s the stuff of grey nomad nightmares.

A caravanner who underestimated the turning circle of his rig has ended up getting unceremoniously stuck on a busy road on the New South Wales mid north coast.

The embarrassed driver was turning onto the Macksville Bridge to travel north when things started to go badly wrong. When he found his rig couldn’t cope with the tight corner he found himself square in the path of oncoming traffic.

He then attempted to reverse back … only to crash into the ‘No Right Turn’ sign. The caravanner found his vehicle firmly wedged between the sign and the guard rail of the bridge.

The Nambucca Guardian reports that, with traffic

Trucks wedged on Macksville Bridge

Wedged! Two trucks come a cropper on Macksville Bridge in 2017. PIC: Nambucca Guardian

backing up in both directions, a group of locals jumped in to action.

The newspaper says efforts were made to wriggle the sign out of its footings, while others attempted to help the driver inch out of his situation. However, nothing seemed to be working until someone produced a saw and cut the sign down, freeing the caravan.

The Guardian reports that a woman volunteered her services as traffic controller, backing the traffic off the bridge so the caravan could make its ‘drive of shame’.

Witnesses say those caught in the unusual traffic hold-up stayed good humoured throughout with not a single car horn or expletive heard.

The Macksville Bridge made headlines in 2017 when two truck drivers misjudged the width of their vehicles and became wedged together on it.

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2 Responses to Eek! Red-faced caravanner gets his angles all wrong!

  1. Mmmm it can happen, I didn’t allow enough when entering a petrol station & swiped the van side, embarrassing & expensive

  2. Reversing the van in the bush on a rather steep slope we ended up with a small tree between the van and truck, yes this can happen. We reversed a few inches, put a log under the van wheel which lifted it just enough so it cleared the tree. Still grumpy I didn’t take a photo.

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