Major earthquake leaves Sunshine State shaken

Published: July 30, 2015

Grey nomads were among the millions left shaken by one of the largest earthquakes in Queensland history. The magnitude 5.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Fraser Island and tremors were felt as far away as Bundaberg and Tweed Heads in northern New South Wales.

Incredibly, no reports of major damage were received.

In Rainbow Beach, the closest town to the source of the tremors, Plantation Resort at Rainbow manager Camille Nash told the Brisbane Times that the ground was “definitely shaking”.

“I was sitting down in my office and I could feel it in my office,” she said. “It probably would have gone for 30 seconds or more.”

Australia sits in the middle of a tectonic plate, making it less likely to experience severe earthquakes than cities such as Los Angeles, which sits on a major fault line. Queensland is one of the country’s least seismically active states.

* Did you feel the earthquake? Where were you, and how did you react? Comment below.

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