Man ‘run over’ as he tried to hook up his caravan

Published: June 29, 2015

A Queensland man has been injured after his attempt to hook up his caravan went badly wrong.

The man reportedly had his leg run over during the incident in Ipswich, and is now being treated in hospital.

An ambulance spokeswoman told the Queensland Times newspaper that it appeared as though the man had been hooking up a caravan when the vehicle began to roll. The man was injured as he tried to stop the car.

His injuries are not believed to be too serious.

  • Have you ever had a mishap performing a simple camping task that you have performed many times before? How do you ensure your caravan doesn’t roll? Comment below.


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7 years ago

To prevebt my caravan from rolling I always engage the hand brake and place the jockey wheel in a jockey wheel stand. if on sloping ground I also have wheel chocks.

7 years ago
Reply to  Eddie

it was his car, not the van, must of jumped out and forgot to put his handbrake on. Easy enough to do when you have a lot going on. Hope his ok.

Linda Curry
7 years ago

I used to stand on the towbar when unhooking the van as sometimes it would stick to van and the extra weight would be enough to separate the two. One day the caravan moved as the towbar released and my leg was squashed between the tow bar and the van. My husband called for help and several nearby campers came to our assistance. I went to casualty, had stitches and now have a large scar on my leg. Needless to say I won’t hop up on the tow bar again.


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