Pair rushed to hospital after caravan rollover

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Mount Maria caravan rollover
Emergency services rushed to the scene. PIC: Brisbane Times

A man in his 50s and a woman in her 60s have been taken to rushed to hospital after a caravan rollover in Queensland.

The woman was initially trapped in the front of her vehicle following the accident at Mount Maria, south of Agnes Water.

It is understood that when the woman was freed, she suffered only minor injuries. 

A Queensland Ambulance spokeswoman said a helicopter had been called but was not required. 

She said both patients were taken to hospital as a precaution in a stable condition.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

There have been a high number of caravan rollovers in the past 12 months and grey nomads and other travellers are constantly being urged to watch their speed and to make sure their vehicles are properly set up and loaded correctly.

In this article, Mark George, a senior accident investigator with more than four decades of experience explains why knowing your rig – and understanding its capabilities and limitations – are so important to staying safe on the road.

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4 Responses to Pair rushed to hospital after caravan rollover

  1. Yep
    Speed speed speed.
    Big factor in crashes of any sort regardless of vehicles involved
    And speed is not meaning in excess of 100
    95 90 88 are far better safer cruising speeds than 100 102 105.
    Some may think bah 5 10 km is not going to make much difference.
    Makes huge difference

    • I agree with you Andy. One problem I feel has a bearing on Caravan speed is tailgating Trucks and drivers who abuse caravanners, wanting them to sit on the speed limit.

      • I drive a 6.5 GVM motorhome speed limited to 100km/hr & trucks catch & tailgate & overtake me & they too are supposed to be speed limited

        • I know what you mean Johnno, all our 5 trucks were speed limited to 100 and the log trucks from Manjimup to Bunbury would tailgate us and pass when they could. I understand contract carting but some of them are really dangerous. We wouldn’t touch our limiters and I’m sure it saved a truck or two.

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