Miners’ cabins being built in Condobolin van park

Published: August 31, 2015

The mining downturn has eased the accommodation crisis in many areas and often freed up van park sites for grey nomads and other travellers, but there are still pressures in some places.

In the New South Wales town of Condobolin, for example, a growing mining presence and a lack of short-term accommodation has meant purpose-built miners’ cabins will be constructed at a local caravan park.

With its Mineral Hill operations expanding, KBL Mining had originally planned to build more housing at its mine, about 60 kilometres north of Condobolin, but Lachlan Shire Council was keen to have the financial benefits flow more directly into the town. Now, following a deal between the two, six three-bedroom cabins able to accommodate 15 people will be erected at the Riverview Caravan Park on land that was not previously being used. There will also a community room, complete with washing machines, drier, television, fridge and a seating area.

“KBL will now have an influx of workers as they ramp up in their construction phase (Stage 2),” Director of Environment and Planning, Andrew Johns, told the Condobolin Argus. “Initially the mine was going to build on site, but that would have meant the leaking of thousands of dollars away from Condobolin.”

Mr Johns insisted that workers staying at the caravan park would be expected to behave in a manner that was in accordance with KBL’s strict code of conduct.

“This partnership is a win for the mine and for the community,” he said. “Another positive is that once the cabins are complete, workers will not take up caravan park cabins that could be utilised by tourists.”

The Riverview Caravan Park is located on the banks of the Lachlan River within easy walking distance of the town’s facilities. It offers shaded powered and unpowered sites to fit even the largest rig.

  • Do you think specialist miners’ accommodation and tourist caravan parks are a good mix? Are you ‘put off’ caravan parks that house a large ‘permanent’ population? Comment below.


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6 years ago

We have stayed at Leinster WA (4 km east of the Goldfields Highway, in the Shire of Leonora) The CP there @ $15 pvpn, powered sites, free washing machine, miners donga type toilet/shower block easy walk to miners mess, where you can have a buffet meal same as served to workers for about $20. The town of Leinster is a BHP mining town, at the moment mothballed. This however doesn’t change the answer to the question asked. We have stayed in a CP as asked and enjoyed the experience. We would highly recommend Leinster to anyone. We would hope similar CP’s to be similar to Leinster.

warren B
6 years ago

Just recently back from cape York took the camper and not the van. being lazy by nature we stayed in cabins prior to maytown and after cooktown on way home. why were cabins in mining towns in central QLD dearer than cabins on the coast in school holidays. eg. brand new cabin in mackay $ 90.00 / night. Clermont $125.00 / night for a cabin half the size. Roma $140, cairns $95 could go on ,but it did educate us as what parks to use when we take off next year.

6 years ago

It is useless to generalise, but in the case of Condobolin there is an excellent free/donation camp at Gum Bend. Any CP would be challenged to compete with it, so if another income stream presents itself, particularly on unused land, then I see it as a win-win. The town gets more shoppers, the travelers who enjoy CPs have the same space available, and the CP owner has fewer reasons to try to close down another free camp. Maybe that should be win-win-win.

warren B
6 years ago
Reply to  barry

Agree 100% barry. Your key word…. maybe…. sooner or later they get a taste of money then think its them doing us the favour not the other way round.


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