Misguided plan to scare snake destroys caravan

Published: February 26, 2015

A misguided plan to kill a snake has ended with a caravan in the Northern Territory destroyed by fire.

Police were called to a location in Berry Springs after a woman attempted to eradicate a snake she thought had slithered into her caravan. The Northern Territory News reports that the woman had earlier called snake catchers to remove the snake.

Humpty Doo police Constable Gary Palmer said the woman hatched a plan to get rid of the snake over several beers.

“(She) came up with a plan of extreme heat in the hope it may slither away to cooler area and, as such, she set a fire at the base of the caravan,” he told the NT News. “The snake remains at large and the caravan has been eradicated.”

  • Do you have a plan to deter snakes from ‘visiting’ your camp? What ‘good’ ideas have you had on the road which have subsequently gone badly wrong? Comment below.
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Tracey & Blue Hacket
7 years ago

I have sorted the snake visiting problem out I have sent Blue to do a Venomous snake handling & relocation course. He passed with flying colours and now he can relocate all the snakes that we encounter.

7 years ago

I am interested in knowing more about the course Blue attended. Can you please give some more details about the venomous snake handling course.

Patricia Thomson
7 years ago

Buy one or two of those Senital (brand name from memory) snake deters and put them outside your van etc when you stop at a site. They work great and vibrate the earth so snakes don’t come near.

There are other brands on the market, some cheaper, have no idea if they work. Stockfeed places often sell them. You can buy the ones I mentioned above on line.

Andy & Lois
7 years ago

Nothing like introducing them to 28 grams of Mr Winchesters best.

7 years ago

Old bushmans trick, never leave the car or caravan doors open always shut them, simple but effective


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