Missing grey nomad safe after three-day ordeal

Published: June 21, 2015

A South Australian grey nomad who was missing for more than two days has been found alive and well in Outback Central Australia.

Cheryl Redway, 64, and husband, Allan, were camping at the Salt Creek rest area about 80 kilometres from Kings Canyon when they decided to take a walk last Thursday. However, the couple became separated, and Mrs Redmond failed to return to the campsite, about 50 kilometres north of the Lasseter Highway turn-off on Luritja Rd.

Emergency services launched a massive search operation involving two helicopters and Aboriginal trackers but officials held grave concerns for her safety as overnight temperatures plunged to about 4 degrees Celcius.

However, when a police helicopter spotted Mrs Redmond yesterday afternoon about 10 kilometres from where she went missing., she was up and walking around and waving. After surviving two freezing nights out in the open, Mrs Redmond was said to be tired and suffering a minor case of dehydration, but in remarkably good health.

“She’s indicated that she’s had to huddle down in bushes overnight to try and keep warm,” said Senior Sergeant Michael Potts. “Some people are very motivated and they know they really want to get home and they’ll keep pushing their way through.”

After an emotional reunion, devoted husband, Allan, described himself as ‘over the moon’. He praised emergency services for saving his wife’s life, and dismissed reports that the pair had had a disagreement that led to them separating on the walk.

“We go walking every morning and she always wants to walk farther than I do,” Mr Redmond told the media. “Unfortunately, on that particular morning, she went a little bit too far.”

  • Have you ever become disorientated while on a bush walk? Do you ever walk on your own? Comment below
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