Monument planned for Swino, the partying pig

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Swino the partying pig to get a monument
Feral pigs are everywhere ... but there will only be one Swino

The infamous beer-guzzling feral pig that caused mayhem at a Pilbara camping area before being run over by a passing truck could have a rest stop commemorated in his honour.

The partying porker known as ‘Swino’ hit the headlines a couple of months ago for stealing six-packs of beer and searching bins for snacks left by grey nomads and others at the De Grey River rest area.

However, his reign of terror was brought to a premature end in October when he came off second best in a collision with a truck.

The ABC reports that a possible monument was seen as be a light-hearted way to drive home a serious road safety message.

Main Roads is considering erecting something in Swino’s honour and putting a few facts down as a reminder to people not to drink and drive.

“It’s a combined effort from road safety, but also a bit of a memorial for the little pig as well,”  Fionna Findley from Main Roads told the ABC.  “So we’re thinking a pig with empty beer cans at his feet or maybe a cartoon character erected with a sign attached.”

Ms Findley said the idea was still in the early stages of planning but generating the funding would be difficult so public contributions were welcome.

Would you like to see a monument built for ‘Swino’? Have you camped as the beautiful De Grey River rest area? Comment below.

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One Response to Monument planned for Swino, the partying pig

  1. Yes, a monument would be a reminder to all with drink driving and a lovely way to remember Swino, hope it goes through.

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