The end is near … and so park faces the final curtain

Published: November 29, 2016
Mooloolaba Caravan Park

For the historic Mooloolaba Beach Caravan Park on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the end is very much nigh.

The Queensland Heritage Council has officially dismissed a late bid to have the park added to the Queensland Heritage Register … and that means bulldozers will move in to demolish the council-run park by July next year. It is a bitter pill to swallow for the army of locals and campers who had pinned so much hope on this much-vaunted ‘last throw of the dice’ to save the 51-year-old park.

The Sunshine Coast Council announced in September last year that it planned to scrap the public caravan park and instead build a landscaped coastal walkway, including gardens, a playground and rock pools.

The decision provoked a firestorm of protest from campers who argued the park was part of Australia’s heritage,  and one of the few true remaining examples of a waterfront caravan park that blended nature with accessible, affordable amenities.

However, one of the Sunshine Coast’s most iconic beachside holiday spots is now doomed.

The Queensland Heritage Council has rejected the bid, led by Jon Erbacher, to have Mooloolaba’s caravan park heritage-listed.

The Brisbane Times reports that Mr Erbacher’s team gave an oral presentation, but could not win a majority from the 11 heritage councillors at the final meeting of the year.

“We’re disappointed at the decision, but at the end of the day, that is the way the chips fell,” he told the newspaper. “It was a difficult decision for the Queensland Heritage Council and we understand that.”

·         Where is your favourite beachside caravan park? Do you think we should be doing more to save these parks? Comment below.

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5 years ago

They don’t want your dollars take it elsewhare

Robyn Davies
5 years ago

Ellis Beach Caravan Park, north of Cairns, it is pure magic.

Rob Jones
5 years ago

all over Oz councils are stopping free camps and all over Oz councils are selling and closing Caravan Parks.
Where the hell are we going to stop in 10 years or so.
There are thousands of vans out here


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