More adventure activities planned for Litchfield

Published: October 20, 2015
Litchfield National Park

A raft of new adventure activities are to be encouraged in Litchfield National Park as part of the newly-released NT Government’s draft management plan.

The idea is for more four-wheel-drive tracks and more mountain bike tracks to encourage more visitors at the park, which is already seen by some 330,000 people a year.

“Litchfield National Park is renowned for spectacular waterfalls, safe swimming and opportunities to experience the rugged landscapes of the Top End,” Parks and Wildlife Minister, Bess Price, told the NT News. “In the plan new recreation sites and activities will be opened and promoted, providing visitors with new and exciting opportunities, assisting in dispersing visitors and protecting the natural values.”

Developments proposed include new four-wheel drive tracks, more half-day walks, new mountain bike tracks, potential new visitor sites at Horse Paddock Creek, the Eastern Escarpment and the East Reynolds, indigenous tours and adventure-based activities.

The new draft plan is open for public comment until November 27. Copies of the plan can be downloaded at parks

* Do our national parks need these sorts of initiatives to offer ‘new and exciting opportunities’?


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6 years ago

Having visited Litchfield this year I am inclined to agree. This park is very popular and all of the tourist sites get very crowded so, more sites open and more activities may mean some room to breathe. I hope they will also add a few more camping sites as these are very heavily used.

Bill Riches
6 years ago

No No NO

Corinne Dolling
6 years ago

Half day walks yes please but no to 4 wd tracks and mountain bike tracks. Litchfield is for nature and quiet not 4wd driving that ruins the place. Bigger car parks would be more help.

6 years ago

Its been proven that 4WDing can and mountain biking can be done in a sustainable way.
The majority of 4WDers are passionate about caring for the bush and Treading Lightly. With the right scheme in place there should be no issues.


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