Morpeth unveils plans to attract more grey nomads

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Morpeth looks to attract grey nomads
Morpeth will have a lot of appeal to grey nomads

Another small New South Wales community is looking to roll out the welcome mat for grey nomads.

A new ‘tourist park’ and ‘historical interpretative centre’ may be developed at Morpeth, just outside Maitland, as the village aims to put itself on the Big Lap map.

The Morpeth Business Association wants to use the site of an old bowling club to create an eco tourism park complete with an interpretive centre showcasing the area’s colonial history.

It says the interpretive centres at Longreach and Bendigo are great examples of the concept’s potential to attract large numbers of grey nomads.

The Morpeth Business Association has already approached the site’s owner, Beresfield Bowling Club, and will ­develop a business proposal for staged development over seven years.

“We know there’s a need for a tourist park not just in Maitland but for the Lower Hunter,” association member Trevor Richards told the Maitland Mercury.

The interpretive centre would showcase Morpeth’s history as an important port. Such projects are eligible for significant government funding where they demonstrate tourism benefit.

The Maitland Mercury reports that the proposal must first and foremost demonstrate the eco park would double overnight visitation to Morpeth and it is therefore unlikely to cater to permanent tenants.

“Just calling it a caravan park won’t do because we’re all in agreement we don’t want long-term tenants,” said Trevor Richards.

If they build it, will you go? Comment below

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14 Responses to Morpeth unveils plans to attract more grey nomads

  1. What a great move.

  2. Great idea it would be good if it gets of the ground

  3. what a great idea, yes we would go for sure

  4. It’s not before time it’s a great place to visit, but always had to stay to far away ,but seven years I won’t be grey I’ll be bald!

  5. Good on them, I would love to revisit the area with our van. Best of luck to people behind the idea.

  6. Yep for sure.

  7. Sounds a great idea!

  8. Not getting any younger, hope they get it moving ASAP.

    • Dear Bill and Faye, Just a brief note to express our belated condolences on the loss of Stacey. I know you were a closely bonded family, and although it is now almost two years on I can feel for you both. Regards, Michael & Rosemary (

  9. yes for sure

  10. great idea have been there a few times to steam fest to show a torama and checked out markets and watch the traims from the bridge a nice spot it used to be

  11. Having spent 10 years on the road & also living just 30 min away what a great idea some where close to home to go for a short break. Some one with vision, thank you.

  12. A much needed facility in the Maitland area, can’t wait for it to happen. Will certainly visit along with members of our caravan club. Get it happening before the next National Caravan Rally in Canberra in 2016 as most attendees spend time in seeing the sights (& spending money) along the way.

  13. Absolutely. Morpeth is a great destination.

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