NSW planning review could see rash of new van parks

Published: April 29, 2015
Caravan park planning law review in NSW

A rash of new caravan parks could be established in New South Wales over the coming years as the State Government moves to overhaul planning laws.

A review starting later this month could make it easier for developers to turn greenfield sites into caravan parks, and it should also cut red tape for existing operators.  The Government says it wants  to make the planning system simpler and easier to understand.

“Most of the caravan parks in New South Wales are full around Christmas and Easter time,” Caravan, Camping and Manufactured Housing Industry Association of NSW general counsel, Bob Browne, told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. “The review will deal with the day to day running of parks but also with the establishment of new parks.”

Another consequence of the review could be that park owners will find it easier to adjust the number of spots that are approved for either manufactured homes or more short-term holiday caravan spots.

It has long been a complaint from caravan parks that, while they are very busy during peak times, they often struggle during the off season.

Planning Minister Rob Stokes told the Daily Telegraph that the review will include discussions with industry bodies, councils and affordable housing stakeholders.

“It’s important to ensure we have a planning system that supports the industry, the jobs it generates and the great experiences it offers for visitors to our state and locals alike,” Mr Stokes said. “Our aim is to cut red tape and streamline the planning system in order to have a stronger tourism industry.”

A discussion paper will be released in the coming months calling for broader community feedback.

* Would you like to see more caravan parks?  What effect do you think these possible changes might have on  the nature of caravan parks in NSW? Comment below.


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Warren Kilby
7 years ago

Caravan parks have tried to make themselves the destination which is great for families over holiday periods but not cost effective in the off season as most are used for short stays or avoided by travelling price consious in the off season.

7 years ago

If parks lowered their prices off peak we would use them more often, I have to admit I do prefer bush camping and I would never go into a crowded park, having said that we often see near empty parks yet the prices are still the same, I’m not a mathematician but I would have thought some income would be better than none, maybe I’m missing something.

Narelle Nuffer
7 years ago

Interesting no user groups being consulted on what they need! There are any amount of caravan, camper trailer, motorhome clubs that I am sure could have useful input in the planning process, they are after all called caravan parks!

Rod Booth
7 years ago

Caravan Park Owners only care about them, them ,them. They open shops, have a restaurant , have cabins which puts other peoples businesses in the town at risk of going broke. Them ,them, them. Phhh.

Andrew McPherson
7 years ago

How about the NSW Govt provide more good quality free camping areas so we don’t NEED caravan parks? Its the Govt’s job to provide services to the taxpayers, not the park owners, especially considering the outrageous weight tax we pay on NSW rego. In my case 7 TIMES the annual rego cost of the same van when previously registered in Qld.

7 years ago

I would like to see caravan parks to be just that, a park for just caravans
and camper vans and tents No cabins at all. and not to expensive then you will see me go to parks and every one also..
A park with cabins is not a caravan park

Graham Heuston
7 years ago

I agree about cabins, the local van park took out most of the travelers van sites and put in Cabins and a games room for kids. Also put the rates up for onsite vans and then made some of the others move to the back of the park so they could put more cabins.


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