Police probe rotting ‘croc heads in freezer’ mystery

Published: August 5, 2015

A bizarre crime mystery is unfolding in the Northern Territory following the discovery of a dumped chest freezer with 75 saltwater crocodile heads inside.

The rotting reptile heads were found by three teenagers riding their bikes through bushland at Humpty Doo about 40 kilometres out of Darwin … and police are investigating.

While the Territory has a thriving crocodile skin market worth an estimated $20 million, the neat cut of the heads, and the small size of the crocs, didn’t match the style used by farms.

Senior wildlife ranger for the Crocodile Management Team, Tommy Nichols, told the ABC that he estimated the crocodiles would have measured anywhere between a metre and 1.7 metres with their bodies attached. While larger croc heads can be valuable, Mr Nichols said the size of the heads found were “not really worth anything”.

Earlier this year, a serial croc killer made the headlines after four crocodiles were found mutilated around Dundee Beach.  Police suspected fishermen were behind the attacks, but no one was ever caught.


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