Nudes flash … free camp showers set to shut down

Published: December 21, 2018

The showers at a cluster of free camps north of Townsville look set to be disabled … because of nude showering!

The Townsville Bulletin reports that the unwanted public displays is one of several complaints by residents living near the sites which has led the council to devise an operational plan, including the introduction of a $10 fee per vehicle per night and the issue penalty infringement notices.

But whether the council proceeds with the removal of the showers was unclear with some councillors questioning whether it was the right course of action.

The council operates free camp sites in Rollingstone, Balgal Beach, Bluewater, Toomulla and Saunders Beach.

The Bulletin says that a report to a council meeting said the sites were popular, and brought economic benefits for the city, but they also brought problems.

The report says concerns have been raised about vehicles speeding within the sites, that people overstay the designated 48-hour period, that toilet blocks are unclean or odorous with insufficient refuse bins and that people shower nude in public.

A budget of about $37,000 was recommended, with most of that aimed at increasing refuse bins and cleaning.

Cr Paul Jacob said initiatives including $10 nightly fees were good but questioned the removal of the showers.

Mayor Jenny Hill said people tended to use the showers for bathing and that “some people are a little freer than what they should be in the public environment”.

Cr Hill said there could be a better way to deal with the issue and it was something she would be asking the staff to look into.

The Bulletin reports that the operational plan was endorsed unanimously.

  • Have you noticed people showering in the nude at free camps? Comment below.
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3 years ago

Most overseas visitors have no problems showering in the open. This it what they do in there own country. Had a drama at a park where hubby and wife though it fine for hubby to shower with wife in the ladies. My wife though different. Tried to explain but “no english” phrase was used. When I explain the police would be called his english imporved very fast.

Skary Kitty
3 years ago

Doesn’t everyone shower in the nude?

3 years ago
Reply to  Skary Kitty

Wait… what???

How do i wash me clothes then?

3 years ago
Reply to  Skary Kitty

No not in public. A sarong or other wrap is a discrete alternative.

Mark Pearce
3 years ago

We have stayed at Balgal Beach numerous times, spent money at the shop and taken fellow caravaners there who have done likewise. We have never witnessed the complaints referred to. Soulds like an excuse to remove them as a result of pressure from residents who want the area for themselves. A jealousy thing.

Ken Wilson
3 years ago

Maybe a screen beside the showers would help. Not rocket science.

daryl spencer
3 years ago

i think that we should do a survey on how many reall do it

Deb & Steven Pleysier
3 years ago

I’ve never got dressed for a shower….

Jack Roo
3 years ago

I have no problem showering nude BUT I USE COMMON SENSE and DON’T as a courtesy to other campers unlike some ignorant clods who abuse everything and anyone!

Paul Stevenson
3 years ago

They want to take away all us old fellas last treats.Like skary kitty said doesn/t everyone shower nude. Let them shower you old prudes. Stevo

3 years ago

Can absolutely be assured that they would not be Grey Nomads – just imagine!!!!!!!!

3 years ago

Before I read any of the comments my immediate thought was just put a screen up (brick, cement or whatever) and then after reading same Ken Wilson has said exactly the same thing. Though can you just imagine the rigmarole one would have to go thru – DA applications, cost evaluations, Environmental regulations plus a host of others – wonder why people shake their heads!!!!!

Julia Ross
3 years ago

We’ve stayed at Rollingstone, couldn’t get into Balgal because of people overstaying the 48 hours. When we were there the Ranger only visited the campsites twice a week so people get at least 72 and possibly 96 hours as they are economic with the truth of when they arrived. The Ranger should visit every day and make a note of Rego numbers. This way everyone would get a go at the lovely beachside camp. We would be happy to pay $10 pn.

john rodgers
3 years ago

OK, In the summer I frequently use our out side shower hose that is part of the van’s built in accessories, but I always wear boxer short. With a body like I have, there would be no concern for people to complain.
Don’t you just love the great out doors.

3 years ago

Showering in public in the nude in a residential area that presumably would have children around is not on. Just another example of the self righteous free camper stuffing it up for others.

Glen Hannan
3 years ago
Reply to  John

What difference does it make if children are around. People shower nude- or don’t you do that where you’re from.

3 years ago

We often shower in the nude when free camping but not in public places.

With my aging body I am sure it would induce mass unchucking if done in public.

Don Simpson
3 years ago

What does children have to do with it? They accept nudity as a norm. It is only as we get older that we start to worry what we or other people look like. Even if you think back to your teenage years you were a lot less offended by a nude body. A quick perv and a statement of “Oh, thats gross” yes but offended no.

3 years ago

I remember driving through a campground looking for a potential campsite with my wife and being more than a little amused by an ageing nomad/tourist giving himself a naked hose-down outside his campervan. We drove off thinking he must have been what we used to call in the NT a “Yah-Yah” who thought that everyone worldwide had the same feelings about public nudity.


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