Grey nomads warned as thieves strike at van park

Published: July 24, 2015

While the grey nomad lifestyle is generally a carefree one, there are occasional reminders that it can be a mistake to become too relaxed – especially where security is concerned.

Caravan parks and camping areas can be seen as easy targets by opportunistic thieves and, sadly, this has been seen again in the New South Wales coastal fishing village of Yamba. One regular visitor to the Calypso Holiday Park said multiple bottles of alcohol, fishing gear and push bikes had been stolen from his and his neighbours’ caravans a few days ago.

Geoff File from Orange told the Daily Examiner newspaper that he believed some people were partying on Whiting Beach and decided to raid the caravan park when they ran out of alcohol.

“My neighbour lost a case of wine, a case of beer and three bottles of whiskey,” Mr File said. “I come to Yamba in winter for three months. It’s my fourth year here and this is the first time something like this has happened.”

Coffs Clarence Acting Inspector David Lollback, told the Daily Examiner that only a bottle of champagne and six Victoria Bitter cans taken from a fridge in an annex were reported to police.

He said there was a party at Whiting Beach, but there was no evidence to suggest people at that party were irresponsible.

“Historically, caravan parks can be targeted by opportunists,” Acting Insp Lollback said. “Holidaymakers tend to be very casual and leave their eskies outside and unlocked.”

He said it was often young people who could not buy alcohol who committed these types of crimes.

“Police do make patrols but it is up to the public to be aware and take control of their own property … if we reduce opportunity it stops people looking,” he said. “People have their wallets and phones secured, but alcohol is often the target … it’s just something we have to be aware of.”

  • Are you guilty of being too relaxed with your belongings when camping at an idyllic spot? Have you ever had items stolen while camping? Comment below.
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faye mccormack
7 years ago

Has anybody had trouble gettinginto caravans parks up north this year or have you had to pre book

7 years ago
Reply to  faye mccormack

We pre booked about 4 months ago at Caloundra, Brunswick Heads and Woolgoolga as we have a dog. Both Caloundra and Brunswick Heads were full when we got there. Very busy this year.,

John Davis
7 years ago

Thefts from van parks is not new. About five years ago we were camping in our Oztent at a high profile van site in Narooma, NSW. In the morning we found that the open annexe area of the tent had been silently raided overnight and all our cooking pots, pans and utensils, along with alcohol in the car fridge missing. Bikes and other items left outside overnight were gone as well. The local copper was not really interested, and an employee of the park told us that it happened quite frequently. We left the next day. We now camp in a campervan, locked overnight of course.

Ron Moebus
7 years ago

Were planning WA,come in from Kunanurra to Broome, Perth, Nullabor, SA, NSW, back to QLD.However, a specialist appointment delayed us til late August. Can anybody let us now if the weather conditions at this time would be still alright for the trip? Thanks, Ron

Elizabeth Murphy
7 years ago

We had an opportunistic body nick one of our chairs from the annex one night in Mackay. We now secured everything out there with plastic covered stainless steel wire threaded through all items and attached to a combination bike lock. If they want to steal stuff they will have to take the lot!!!!


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