Outback ‘art’. Do you think it’s funny or offensive?

Published: September 4, 2015

A giant McDonald’s ‘Opening Soon’ sign which mysteriously arrived in the middle of the Simpson Desert quickly became a major tourist attraction … but it also divided opinion.

To some, it represented a harmless bit of fun, a nod to the larrikin in us all … but to others,   it represented a disrespectful act of near vandalism in Australia’s beautiful natural environment.

Of course, it is not a new debate. Everything from thong trees, clothed termite mounds, and rusted vehicle sculptures have been raising both smiles – and blood pressures – for years.

While the South Australian environment minister, Ian Hunter, was was at pains to point out that the autrhorities did see the funny side of the massive Maccas sign, it didn’t stop a park ranger being dispatched on a 12-hour drive to take it down.

“It is very humorous, but we particularly don’t want people searching for a sign off the tracks, damaging the fragile landscape and putting themselves potentially at risk in a very remote location,” Mr Hunter told the ABC.

Happily – at least for fans of the sign which came complete with solar-powered lighting – it has now found a home at the Mungerannie Hotel on the Birdsville Track, where it has apparently become a hugely popular attraction. No doubt, the throngs heading to the Birdsville Races this weekend will be among those stopping for a photo opportunity.

“Hopefully Maccas don’t spit the dummy and ask me to tear it down,” said publican, Phil Gregurke. “It’s just a good little joke.”

The anonymous artist identified as being behind the Macca sign prank certainly remains unrepentant, and says he is now considering plans to install a fake speed camera on the Birdsville Track.

  • Is this sort of thing good fun, or is it getting out of control? Comment below.
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6 years ago

The Macca’s sign is good fun but I find the clothed termite mounds make our country side look messy!

Alias Smith
6 years ago
Reply to  Pat

Agree with Pat, don’t mind a bit of the humour, it just gets out of control eventually, those ant mound characters are really starting to look tatty and it appears there is a we can do better than you competition… Originals are ok, copies are passé

6 years ago

This is just typical aussie humour and it;s a shame so may – of the upper class have no humour , and think that they better , when in fact “they” are worse than us who are practical and true blu aussies


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