Paradise lost? Coastal van park under threat

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Grey nomads love caravan park at Arrawarra
Grey nomads love Arrawarra

There are growing fears that another of Australia’s popular beachside caravan parks could soon be facing re-development.

Around 40 trees have been felled at the Astoria Group owned park in Arrawarra north of Coffs Harbour, and some feel it may be the beginning of the end.

Pauline Duffy is an ‘annual resident’ who is given six months a year access to the park.

“Under the 10-50 new bushfire law, you’re able to remove trees that are a fire danger, but this is not being done for safety, it’s being done for development,” she told the ABC. “I see that whole section gone where the people holiday.”

Ms Duffy said the plans for the park could be the death knell for holiday camping in much of the area.

“My concern is that there’s been a boundary change made in the caravan park,” she told the ABC. “The top half will stay a caravan park but the other section has now been put into what they call residential.”

Ms Duffy said she is devastated by the land clearing, and the potential re-development of the park.

“Over Christmas that area’s absolutely packed,” she said. “I think if they get approval they will eventually put houses in there the holiday park is gone, another one’s hit the dust.”

  • How many coastal caravan parks have you seen re-developed in recent years? Is it a trend that we will live to regret? Comment below.

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