Non self-contained beach campers set to be shown the door

Published: November 8, 2022

A raft of new restrictions look set to be introduced at one of Australia’s premier on-beach campsites in a bid to stop it being ‘loved to death’.

During peak tourism season, Perlubie Beach on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula hosts anywhere from 80 to more than 100 caravans/campers and that’s led to a host of problems.

The District Council of Streaky Bay said the popularity of the site meant there were issues around damage to the beach’s environment, public safety, and equitable access for the community.

The Perlubie Beach Reference Group – which is made up from local residents and local councillors – has just met and put forward its recommendations for the future management of the popular beach.

Perlubie Beach camping

These include:

– The introduction of a rule that all campers must have a self-contained toilet system, and the banning of the emptying of grey water tanks onto the beach

– An introduction of a permit system to camp on the beach, commencing from December 15 this year

– Capping of numbers to 20 caravans per night

– Allocation of 10 extra sites (30 caravans per night) for local residents during the month of January and the Easter holidays

– Banning of camping in the Perlubie Beach car park

– Allocating of a set area on the beach for campers

– Beach fires to only occur in portable firepits and campers to bring their own wood

– Allocation of certain beach shelters for day-use only

– Introduction of booking system for beach shelters to be used for special events

The reference group’s recommendations will be considered for adoption at November’s ordinary council meeting. The idea is that any adopted management measures will be introduced by December 15.

Project lead and Council’s General Manager of Prosperity, Mrs Penny Williams, said a balanced approach to the issue was needed.

“Considering the beach has been a camping spot for some families for over 60 years, consideration needed to be undertaken to ensure the interests of local residents, campers and local families who have camped at the beach for multiple generations were met,” she said.

Previous issues identified at the site included: non-self-contained campers using the sand dunes as a toilet; campers filling up the car park; reduction of access for local residents; campers staying long-term; and vehicles speeding along the beach.

  • Have you camped at Perlubie Beach in the past? Do these new suggested restrictions seem reasonable? Comment below.
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The recommendations sound very fair. We camped on Perlubie Beach several years ago and it was pristine. It is important to keep it like this.

Nothing there that responsible campers wouldn’t agree with!

Provide more toilet facilities.
Provide Skip Bins.
Charge a fee for camping.
Have a person representing council to monitor and collect monies.
Provide appropriate signage to the affect of informing would be campers of their obligations in camping there.
Advise of penalties for non compliance by the local Council Regulations.

If you need to be told “don’t empty grey water onto the beach” there’s no hope for humanity

There are signs there now saying no camping within 50 metres of the beach shelters. When we were there earlier this year there were at least two caravans/motorhomes camped at each shelter, and they were all below the high tide line!

top reply,hit it on the head.

Why would you need Skip Bins..?. If you bring it in, take it out !

We think that is a fantastic plan. We were there earlier this year and really disliked the way some people camped including taking ownership of the cabana areas and clearly not self contained and camping up the beach. And yes we paid the recommended fee per night .
thank you

I think this is great but sad it has to come to this, it’s just a reminder to look after our beautiful coastline wether u are local or not.

You can bring in all the laws you like. Idiots wont abide them them. Nor can you educate them. Permits issued with campers making declaration they will adhere to and meet all regulations as sign posted. any breaches should be a $ 200 on the spot fine. HaveCouncil inpectors patrol and act on lawbreakers..

yep, get rid of long termers, 1 week max. Why would locals want to stay in their own
back yard? Or do they mean State residents? Or 50k radius? Problems arising. And given the huge numbers quoted, a larger area than that for 30 vans seems eminently necessary.
Why cant Councils cater to the needs of Aussies rather than limiting everything? I have seen overseas camps set up for 500 vehicles, and nearby towns love it!!! Or is the interests of nearby commercial parks being toadied to?

There are so many beaches just as good as, or better. Just search the coast out. Be responsible with your waste. Purlubie is getting far too many people anyways, we preferred the other end of the beach.

I think the beach should be kept clean by all users not just campers. It’s a good idea to restrict numbers but I think 20 campers is not probably enough during peak seasons, especially if parents want to camp with children for a few nights and cannot afford caravan park fees. 30 seems fair in any one night. All camp sites need to be designated totally self contained. No fires should be allowed at all. There should be a ranger on duty to ensure people obey these bylaws may be a few of them. They don’t need to be heavy handed and be able to educate campers rather than admonish to avoid confrontation. There should be more public toilets and rubbish bins to keep the beaches clean from other visitors as well. And just one thing .., I do not understand why local residents need camp sites when they are local that seems a bit odd. Fees should be paid to camp there as well $ 5 to $15 dollars a night would be within campers ability to pay and help with beach maintenance and cleaning equipment for toilets and bins etc. councils do need revenue to provide services for visitors including campers .
Thanks , good luck with the future .

Fully support self contained ONLY ,

I had no idea, the nights I stayed there in my not quite self-contained van, how lucky I was to be the only person overnighting.

The beaches have been the same for hundreds of yeas there are to many laws now every where and it sad you have to have money to say alive in this country I have been to perlubie and it is till the same as it was 65 year ago and to take it away from middle imcome familys with children is a discrace not every one can aford a $80.000 caravan self contained. In wa they have a caretaker in season
and that works really well And if you to worry about grey water you better stop all the boats and tracktor s dripping oil on the beach and in the sea which i have seen happen.,

Oh these are tough restrictions and who will police them. 20 vans a night is a bit extreme on such a large beach, double this number would be better, provided all were fully self contained. Leave a couple of spots in the car park for motor homes as they can’t get onto the beach.
maybe a caretaker residing at the entrance to help monitor.


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