Caravan park cleans up its act after council steps in

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Poplars caravan park
Poplars Caravan Park is addressing concerns raised about the condition of the site. PIC: Ryan Young / Daily Telegraph

The owner of the New South Wales caravan park which was ordered to clean up its act following a barrage of complaints about rubbish, unsealed roads and sanitation issues, says she is sorting the problems.

Judy Waldron from the Poplars Caravan Park in Dubbo was stunned when the local council issued a rare clean-up direction.

Dubbo Regional Council’s development and environment director, Stephen Wallace, said it took the unusual step ‘after receiving numerous and sustained complaints from the community and guests’.

“Following inspections of the caravan park council staff noted a number of issues which posed a potential risk to public health, such as rubbish strewn throughout the site, a lack of sanitation, broken items in need of repair since the previous inspection, unsealed roads filling drains with sediment and inadequate record keeping,” Mr Wallace said. “Depending on the nature of the issue, council has provided various timelines to the owners and operator to address the complaints raised.”

He said some of these issues had been allowed a 12-month window to be fixed and other, less costly or high-risk matters had to be rectified within a week.

The owner of the Poplars, Ms Walsdron, told The Dubbo News council’s intervention was disappointing.

“Unfortunately we had some issues due to the manager being in hospital,” she said. “It’s disappointing for me as owner that things had got so out of hand with him being in and out of hospital … we immediately responded to and addressed the issues.”

Ms Waldron said despite the disappointment, council staff had been ‘most helpful’ in their dealings with her.

She told the Dubbo News that some litter in the Poplars had allegedly came from the nearby ‘Return and Earn’ recycling site and made it harder to keep the park free of rubbish.

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3 Responses to Caravan park cleans up its act after council steps in

  1. Gees sounds like a place to avoid

  2. It’s always had a bad reputation

  3. That’s about time the council stepped in and done something useful.
    There is a lot of caravan parks in Victoria that need some action to clean up there below par parks as well

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