Big saltwater croc spotted at Port Douglas boat ramp

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saltwater crocodile at Port Douglas
A big saltie is seen approaching the boat ramp in Port Douglas. PIC: Lyell Woods / Facebook / Cairns Post

A large saltwater crocodile has been spotted lurking near the main boat ramp at Port Douglas in north Queensland … and wildlife rangers are concerned.

A Department of Environment and Science (DES) spokesperson said wildlife officers believed the croc was being fed at the boat ramp, which is next to the popular Tin Shed restaurant.

“Crocs are no different to magpies, birds or any other animals that people feed,” he told the Cairns Post. “If they know they’ll get a feed at a boat ramp, they’ll hang around

The big saltie was snapped by Lyell Woods and the image he shared on Facebook quickly drew a lot of attention.

While most grey nomads have headed south by now, the DES spokesperson said the sighting was a reminder to the public not to clean fish, leave food, fish scraps or bait near boat ramps.

“They are on the move in warmer weather and, unlike the Northern Territory where it is warmer all year round, our crocs tend to get slow an inactive in the winter,” he said.  “So, with the warmer weather and warmer water, crocs are getting more active.”

The Cairns Post reports that Port Douglas sits in a General Management Zone (Zone E) under the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan, meaning crocodiles displaying dangerous behaviour are targeted for removal.

A new Qwildlife app has also been launched by the DES, delivering real time information about crocodile sightings to wildlife officers and members of the public. The Qwildlife app can be downloaded from the app store on smart phones.

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  1. Hope all the Vics who can’t wait to get up to FNQ keep their eyes open for crocs.

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