Golf club camp offer puts struggling Proston on map

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Proston attracts grey nomads
Proston is fighting back against economic decline. PIC: Mattinbgn / Wikipedia

The regional Queensland town of Proston is fighting back against severe economic challenges by welcoming grey nomads … and it’s paying off.

The Proston District Golf Club says its decision to offer free camping to travellers had seen visitor numbers and spending in local businesses rise sharply.

Club member Margaret Westerman told the South Burnett Times that the club had seen just under 14,000 campers since June last year.

“What we’re doing is not just for the golf club, but also for the town,” she said. “It’s the community coming together.”

The golf club encourages people to spend money in Proston and nearby towns like Hivesville.

“We can promote the area to people,” Ms Westerman said. “It encourages people to go into the town and go to places like the Jacaranda Tearooms and Boondooma Dam.”

The golf club asks campers to give a donation towards their stay, which covers hot water and maintenance of the site.

“We allow dogs, that are controlled and clean of course, and it’s very quiet here,” Ms Westerman  told the South Burnett Times. “It’s a win-win situation with people coming to town and using the golf club.”

The ABC reports that Proston was once a bustling town, but the closure of the railway line and butter factory in the 1970s was the beginning of a slow decline. These days, much of the town centre’s shops are boarded shut.

However, a new group – the Proston Community Revival Project – is supporting short-term leases for pop-up shops featuring local artisan products and crafts.

South Burnett Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff is hugely encouraged by the positive community action to stop the town disappearing.

“I’ve got full confidence in this new group,” Cr Duff said. “They’ve got fire in their bellies, great ideas and the whole community is on board.”

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12 Responses to Golf club camp offer puts struggling Proston on map

  1. We live by motto
    “No stop no shop”
    Great news for town
    grey nomads support these towns all the time

  2. That’s such a good idea and hubby can play a round of golf too.. ‘win win’ situation…

  3. We stayed there in a group of 18 caravans / motorhomes/ 5th wheelers/ boat, from RV homebase a couple of months ago.2 nights 2 games of golf, dinner and drinks. Our group dropped a couple of grand there and in town. A nice area with good amenities and friendly people. Our group are going back next year with more people.

  4. There is the proof.
    Welcome travellers and the economy gets a boost

  5. We stayed in Proston earlier this year, great town friendly locals and we spent money in the town. We will be back.

  6. Good to see another community ‘cotton on’ to the advantages of providing no cost and lo cost camping for RV travellers. In return they reprovidion locally and spend on other things like fuel, tours, etc.
    So many other little towns are waking up.

    But soo many others are still struggling to survive, missing this great opportunity with closed minded councils ( probably influenced by caravan parks in the area.

  7. I have never in all of my travels heard of such a fantastic undertaking. With that kind of outlook and your community spirit, you cannot fail, may your 14,000 visitors more than double, that should encourage the locals to re-open the closed shops. All the very best for your future enterprises.

  8. Yes we will support the town and tell all we meet ,good on you Proston. Stevo.

  9. Three cheers Proston, great insight by your Leaders, on our list!!!

  10. I’ll make the trip in a couple of months…Thanks for the news ….Looking forward to it.

  11. Fantastic shout out to the people of Proston, great way to keep your share of the rolling Dollars, these are the towns everyone should stay in, the people are friendly, and they have plenty to offer definitely on our list

  12. Has Proston golf club been added to WikiCamps?

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