Python saps power from the people in Katherine

Published: October 25, 2016

Grey nomads and others in the Northern Territory town of Katherine experienced a power outage for about 30 minutes thanks to a hungry snake. Traffic warning lights were down, businesses could not operate and household power was lost at about 6am on Friday.

The Border Mail reports that an olive python with a magpie goose in its mouth was found as a culprit behind the power outage.

Working to track down the cause of the outage, Power and Water Corporation found a dead snake looped over a power line at Hayes Creek, about 150km north west of Katherine on the Stuart Highway.

It appears the large snake was trying to descend from the pylon with a magpie goose in its mouth.

A corporation spokesman told the Border Mail that power outages like Friday’s event were a common issue in the Northern Territory.

“Animals such as snakes, bats and birds can come into contact with power lines,” the spokesman said. “Strong winds can also cause outages when branches become loose and trees fall. The python was located on the line south of Hayes Creek on the plateau. Power was restored shortly afterwards.”

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