Queensland border opens … but not to Victorians!

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Border wars
The Queensland Premier has kept the border closed to Victorians.

Due to current community transmission levels in Victoria, Queensland has said its border with the Garden State will remain ‘closed’ and ‘strengthened’.

However, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has confirmed that the Sunshine State’s borders with other states and territories will re-open on July 10.  Interstate visitors will have to fill out a border declaration first.

“This border declaration is to ensure that no-one has travelled to Victoria in the past 14 days,” Ms Palaszczuk said. “If you falsify a document, you will face strict penalties and fines up to $4,000.”

From this Friday, July 3, at 12pm, anyone who has travelled from Victoria, including Queenslanders, will be prevented from entering or will have to quarantine at a hotel at their own expense for two weeks.

Queensland, State Health Minister Steven Miles says there have been just nine new cases in the state since June 1. He said that was in stark contrast with the situation in Victoria.

“Our message to Queenslanders is please do not go there,” he said. “Our message to Victorians is please do not come here … until these outbreaks are under control.”

Earlier today, South Australia announced it will no longer open its border with Victoria on July 20 as planned, following the spike in Covid-19 infections there.

“We are very hopeful that Victoria will be able to bring their outbreaks under control but at this stage we cannot possibly lift that border on July 20 as we were hoping to do,” Premier Steven Marshall said.  “We apologise to many people who have had to make changes because of our change of the date of July 20 but our number-one priority is the health, safety and welfare of all South Australians.”

Mr Marshall said the transition committee would meet on Friday to consider re-opening the border with ACT and NSW. South Australia has already opened it borders to travellers from the other states and the NT.

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15 Responses to Queensland border opens … but not to Victorians!

  1. If you are from Victoria but left the state 3 weeks ago do you have to self isolated? If so where do you park?

  2. If we stay in NSW for 3 weeks can we (Victorians) then enter QLD?

  3. Does anyone know where we can find the declaration to fill out?

    • Try the Queensland Health website.

  4. A family member left Victoria 10 days ago and has been traveling Nsw they have a border pass and will not be a the border until the 6 th July will they have a problem getting in to qld

  5. Where is the Victoria/Queensland border? My atlas must be out of date 😉

  6. Just as Pluckachook determib=ned that ALL of Queensland was Brisbane she has also now determined that the problem “Hotspots” in Melbourne are ALL of Victoria. What has Swan Hill, Mildura, Shepparton, Glenrowan, Wodonga, Bendigo, etc, done to be assessed as a potential problem?
    Mind blowing how stupid some of the intellegensia can be.

  7. If you are from a Victoria … no matter what, you can’t get into SA or QLD.

  8. Victorians should snub Queensland and spend their money in other states and territories. Then see how Queensland coaps with the loss of millions of dollars from Victorian grey nomads and other Vic travelers as well. I always enjoyed traveling in Qld. But now they get the finger from me.

    • Go to W. A.they will welcome you.

    • Hi John Butters, Lower your finger and when we in Western Australia open our border, feel free to bring your wallet over here 🙂

    • ” So pay the fee and get on with it…” Once you are in the state you will be able to mooch your way through their beautiful country side, enjoying the free camp sites until you feel that you have got your monies worth, all the while with your finger out the window.. In W.A. we have a thumbs up or a thumbs down , and thats all we need to express our feelings. Our state has a bit of healing too do in the way of economy as yours has also… Be happy that your money will be well spent in your own state, and if your not happy with what your state is doing for you. drive around with your finger out the window.

  9. Why does everyone pick on Queensland borders being closed Western Australia,Tasmania and South Australia are still closed. Spend your money in your own state as we plan to do.

  10. Please correct me if I am wrong. My interpretation is if you live in Victoria you are banned from holidaying in Queensland. The only way to overcome this is to pay for your own period of quarantine in a place nominated by the Qld Gov. Harsh measures but this wiil only be until the Melbourne outbreak is contained.

  11. If you travel with a caravan from Tasmania through Victoria and then spend 14 days traveling around NSW can you then cross the border into Queensland?

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