Former caravan park in WA now a haven for drug use

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Former caravan park the location for antisocial behaviour
Drug paraphernalia and rubbish at the site. PIC: David Baylis/Community News

A former caravan park near Perth has become a haven for drug use and other anti-social behaviour as the wait goes on for a new park to be built there.

The Quinns Rocks Caravan Park closed to tourists in 2012 and has recently been used as an overflow car park in the summers … but it is deteriorating quickly.

On a recent visit to the site to consider redevelopment potential, City of Wanneroo staff  found drug paraphernalia, including homemade bongs, littering the property which overlooks Quinns Beach in Mindarie.

The City’s website said staff were not able to safely clean up the site by hand and purpose-built vehicles were needed to remove toxic items such as needles and other drug paraphernalia.

“Due to some of the waste being deposited in long grass, it is unsafe to undertake collection by hand and mechanical collection may be necessary,” it said. “The clean-up operation will be limited to the footprint of the former caravan park and will not extend into the remnant bushland.”

Quinns Mindarie Residents Group chairwoman Heather Cole told the Wanneroo Times that another caravan park was needed on the site, as it was currently an ‘overgrown car park’ attracting antisocial behaviour.

The Times reports that the residents’ group submitted a 1148-signature petition to the City last year asking that it keep redevelopment within the previous caravan park footprint and not encroach on surrounding Bush Forever land.

Councillors have endorsed the business case for the exploration of eco-retreat or tourist park options on the site. The council is now looking for people with ideas to join the Quinns Rocks Caravan Park Redevelopment Advisory Group to help shape the future of a ‘modern caravan or tourist park’.

Representatives can be residents, business owners, people with environmental and heritage knowledge, tourism operators and future users. They will meet to inform and advise the City on re-development issues.

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