‘Rampaging’ bull wreaks havoc at NT caravan park

Published: July 29, 2015

Grey nomads and other campers have been forced to flee from an ‘aggressive’ bull as it rampaged through their campground near Borroloola.

Some travellers even climbed trees to escape the beast, which was eventually shot by Northern Territory police.

The incident happened at the McArthur River campground, about 700 kilometres from Darwin.

“It was a bit of a danger to people at the caravan park,” Duty Superintendent Brendan Muldoon told the ABC. “I know there were 50 people at the park at this time, quite a few obviously saw it and called police to assist. Some people had to escape from the bull and hide up a tree.”

Colin Coutts, the manager at the park, said that when he went to investigate the long-horned bull ‘had a go’ at him.

When police tried to coax the bull back to where it came, it turned around and tried to attack the police car so they shot it.

Superintendent Muldoon said the animal was a ‘local bull’ and owned by someone in the community.

  • Have you ever had a nasty campground encounter with animals or birds?
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7 years ago

I hope they had a nice relaxing barbecue, with a glas of bubbly
.happy camping. Johanna


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