Couple’s speed bump led to innovative ramp setup

Published: January 4, 2018

After selling their home and hitting the open road fulltime, David and Chris Singleton’s dream lifestyle hit a speed bump when Chris was told she needed a hip replacement. The veteran free campers were determined not to have any regrets, so David modified the van by building a set of ramps to enable Chris to walk up … and they kept going.

“It was made from a pair of alloy bike ramps which can be bolted together in a couple of minutes and then a hand rail made from gal pipe and the fittings just screw together,” said David.

However, when Chris later got a Gopher electric scooter, David had to modify the van again. He removed the inner lip on the entrance doorway so they could get the rear wheels in, and he put an eyebolt in the floor to tie the Gopher to while they moved around.

“The ramps travelled inside the van wrapped in a blanket,” said David. “We continued this way for another nine months before it got too hard to travel as we needed to see a doctor every month to get a script for Chris’s pain relief, and my wife found the confinements of the van made it just too hard to move around.”

Having already seen a lot of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, the couple decided to rent a property while Chris recovered from her hip replacement … but she has just found out the other hip needs replacing, too.

“We are still in a house with our van parked in the drive and, while we still do small trips away, it is not like being in the van full time,” said David. “However, once the other hip is replaced we will pick up where we left off and be back on the road and exploring this great country again!”

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Les Douglass
4 years ago

We have an ally ramp for our van to help my wife get in and out of our van. It sits on the step,held in place with 2 pins. It is stored on the rear bumper held in place by a clamp and occy strap. We have been using this for the last two years without a problem.

John Rodgers
4 years ago

Great story about necessity being the mother of invention. all the best to you all for 2018 and happy trails.


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