ACT to cut van rego fees? Is uniformity the answer?

Published: October 9, 2016
Grey nomads and ACT caravan rego fees

Grey nomads with caravans registered in the ACT will be awaiting the results of next Saturday’s election with significantly greater interest than normal.

In a last-ditch pitch to attract the baby boomer vote, the sitting Labor Government has just promised to halve the registration fees for caravans and trailers, saving some owners more than $600 annually.

The Canberra Times reports that the nation’s capital has always been recognised as by far the most expensive place in the country to register a recreational vehicle, and some travellers have been tempted to register RVs in other states as a result.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has said that, if re-elected, the ACT charges would be aligned with NSW registration fees.

“These new measures will not only simplify how registrations work by harmonising with our larger neighbour, they will also save caravan owners a significant amount across all caravan and trailer weight classes,” he said. “It currently costs $1280 a year to register a caravan with a tare weight of 2505 – 2795 kilos in the ACT – this would drop to $640 per annum.”

However, motorhome and campervan owners will be disappointed that the move does not mention changes to self-propelled vehicles.

The Canberra Times says the ACT caravan rego charges have been about double most states and would return to near the national average if the changes were made post-election.

Many long-term interstate travelling grey nomads are constantly frustrated by the differing state systems and requirements. There have previously been calls for a federal driving licence and a standard nationwide vehicle registration system.

* Do you think there should be a standard caravan and motorhome rego charge across all states and territories? Or are you worried that if there was, you would end up paying more? Comment below.

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5 years ago

I definitely support the idea of a federal licence and registration. Let’s cut out the middle man (states) and bring some sense, order and simplicity to this out-dated and over-taxed system.

Paul Gurman
5 years ago

WA it only costs me $100 per yr. to licence our caravan and $690 per yr for the ford territory

5 years ago

There should be one registration authority for Australia with consistent charges in all States. Any vehicle owner should be able to renew the registration of any vehicle in any State with minimal fuss. Same for driver licences. We have computers these days – surely if a Bank can access our banking details in any branch in Australia the governments should be able to use computers to have one standardised motor transport registration system. The State where the rego is renewed should keep the money.

5 years ago

having the same nationally would make sense, however remember it is still all about Budget balance, If one state give away one tax, then they need to get that money back from another tax,

5 years ago

Just keep your regulation and new common fees away from victoria we dont need a price hike to match everyone else.

5 years ago

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a Federal system – the furthest it has got in the last 45 years that I’ve been driving is the introduction of the supposedly “Federal” Heavy Vehicle Drivers Licence (which I hold) – and even that is administered by the State I live in…

It is absurd that we have registration charges for a caravan ranging from under $100 to over $1,200, depending which state you choose to call home.
For me, I travel for work and technically I should change my licence and registrations over if I stay more than 3 months in any state. But if any state government thinks I am about change from $93 here in SA to $1,150 in the ACT (for example) to register my caravan (and from $624 to $1,150 for my tow vehicle) then the politicians are even more stupid than I have given them credit for.

Robyn Davies
5 years ago

Absolutely Chatty! the discrepancies between the states has made for creative travelling for most grey nomads who travel the country extensively. It is absolutely ridiculous to expect someone to be constantly changing their registration every few weeks! But will the states wake up to the stupid situation? in a word, No.


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