Traveller stabbed to death at remote NT rest area

Published: December 1, 2016
Connors well

In an incident that will send a shudder down the spine of anyone who has ever travelled in the Outback, a tourist has died  after being stabbed in an unprovoked attack at a remote NT rest area.

The French national and his wife were at Connor Well rest stop, about 100 kilometres north of Alice Springs when a man approached them, stabbing the 33-year-old in the neck, apparently for no reason.

The ABC reports that the victim’s 30-year-old wife then flagged down a nurse and her husband in a passing car that was travelling from Alice Springs, to Ti Tree community, about 100km north of Connor Well. The nurse reportedly stayed with the couple at the scene while her husband drove almost 40km north to the nearest telephone at the Aileron Roadhouse to call for police and an ambulance.

The victim’s partner is being treated for shock at Alice Springs Hospital and has not yet been interviewed by police.

Police have since arrested a 35-year-old suspect in connection with the incident. It is not yet clear whether the arrested man is a local or from elsewhere.

Police are still establishing an exact timeline of events, and believe the French couple and their attacker were alone at the roadside stop. However, they are appealing for information from anyone in the area on Wednesday who may have seen a gunmetal grey Hyundai i20 hatchback with Victorian registration 1HU 1CC. The tourists were driving a 1998 maroon Toyota Rav4.

The French consul-general is aware of the incident.

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Robyn Davies
5 years ago

This is a terrible tragedy. However, I cannot understand why they just did not wait for the next road train which travel the Stuart Highway very frequently. Obviously neither the nurse nor her husband was not carrying a mobile phone. Again, mobile telephone reception on the Stuart Highway is pretty good and the emergency number can be dialled from a mobile phone with SOS only reception.

Brad Scott
5 years ago

You cannot plan against random, unprovoked attacks. This is a tragic event and my deepest sympathies to the victims wife and his family. All the why fors and what’s will come out during the investigation but it won’t change the result…


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